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Exams, exams and more exams aside. O. M. G.

So, yesterday Lee Seung Gi came to Poland to see one of the Euro 2012 games? On a detour on his way to London where he's apparently going to participate in the torch relay during Olympics. And me and a friend (and two of her friends) decided to go to greet/see him at the airport. (Even though his flight was supposed to reach at 10:40PM and I had an exam today. And a day before yesterday. And a day before that as well. Ahaha. Um.)

Anyway, turns out one of the fancams Polish fans took got posted on a Korean fansite/message board?! A fancam in which it just so happens that you can also see yours truly. And apparently the comments from Korean fans are all positive and warm? :D (According to a friend who knows some Korean~) “Foreign unnies”, “beautiful fans”, “really happy that they greeted him despite the late hour”. Satisfying Korean fans with anything? What a feat!
(My own fancam:
I have another one but it’s sucky.)

Fanreport~ )
Let me also say that all the fans behaved really well? There was no mad screaming, no one grabbed at him or anything. An international success, I say. I’m really glad about the fans’ behaviour <3 No one managed to give us a bad name this time, lol.

As a whole – no regrets about going. I’m not really a fan of Lee Seung Gi, I’ve merely seen him in some shows but after seeing him live, I must say I’m not surprised about his mad popularity in South Korea? I mean, he was pretty but he’s certainly not the prettiest nor the most handsome one, not the best actor nor singer but he has this specific charm and appeal that makes you like him instantly. I mentioned yesterday’s event at my FB, using words like “winsome” and “pleasant” (which my friends got all "whut-did-you-read-Shakespeare-recently?" about) and it was partly in a joking manner but, he is. Very polite, amiable and charming and has a truly great smile.
And now I do feel like checking out some drama of his or maybe some songs (even though I have this impression he sings mostly typical Korean ballads)?

So yup. Still excited about yesterday XD And we’re going with some friends to see him tomorrow again when he’s leaving for London. Can’t wait <3


May. 27th, 2012 02:34 pm
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Quick post mostly for my own reference? (And to gather your pity *_*)

- 30th Essay's deadline A
- 30th Conversations A+

- 1st LL: written&oral A
- 5th Translating/reading -> 15th A
- 6th Theory of Culture C+
- 6th Korean A+
- 11th Grammar A+
- 13th Japanese (main): written&oral A+
- 18th Religion A
- 19th Literature B
- 21st History A
- 26th Theory of Grammar - written A
- 27th Theory of Grammar -> 28th -> 27th - oral

So yeah, my timetable for June is rather filled up, lol. My joy and excitement know no bounds.

See you in July if I'm still alive by then~
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I have a new layout~ Okay, not that new but I guess most of you haven't seen it yet cause last post was about DBSK and I know almost no one reads it XD

[ profile] thier_sess

This is once again a "I must write about that before it seems like it never happened" post. (And once again - it's already too late but let's try anyway~)

So, I spent a really awesome week in Szczecin with some of my favourite people - namely [ profile] tsunami_pl, [ profile] yurete and Agata (who needs to have some account somewhere and soon). Tsu went there a day earlier than me (thanks to Polish State Railways malfunctioning) so when they picked me up at the station, her and Yurete already were high and sprouting some lovely nonsense about B2ST as railway workers. (Don't ask me about the details because I don't know - but I demand one of you to write at least about it! XD) And "Lee Joon is lovely~~~~", indeed, lol.

Wae wae wae )

I made my mom watch some B2ST with me and she seems to think Hyunseung's the ugliest person in k-pop, or something, lol.

We also watched DBSK's "Five in The Black" concert together and it was lovely. Ah, Proud. ;; My boys still younger and more or less carefree. ;;
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Today was quite pleasant but let's start from the basics~

Pi-sensei has a conference tomorrow which means the test from kanji is pushed to the 23th~ That's a hell of good news! I thought I'd have to bide goodbye to my lucky streak but thankfully maybe not. Though I won't be able to take a break from studying because the weekend's off limits. ('Cause Tsu's coming <3)

you'll be able to find the sound you were searching for )

And that's all, I guess~ I should try and get some studying done tonight. Would be nice. (Yeah.)

Shisus, DBSK's Stand UP!'s lyrics are so utterly stupid that I can't use them as a title. XD There's not a single useful line in here. XD Okay, found something that will do. XD
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How was your Christmas Eve? I hope good. :) I wish all of you will feel love and warmth today as well. (Because it's today that's the most important. For me, anyway.)
Merry Christmas <3

My Christmas Eve was nice. :) Evn though I didn't eat much the whole day before the celebration, I managed not to eat too much during the dinner~ We had some guests over (my dad's parents and one of dad's sisters with her husband) and together we slaughtered some Christmas Carols. 17, to be exact. And yes, we counted because it seemed like we finished all the songs too quickly and it turned out that in fact we sang a lot. XD
This year we haven't managed to buy a Christmas tree but we draped the new lights near the balcony windows and it looked quite nice. But it's ironic anyway because we had everything - a new stand for the tree, new lights, our pretty decorations knitted by mom several years ago. We lacked only the tree. XDD But who cares, Christmas aren't about some tree anyways. (Though it was the first time for us.)

In my family we have a deal not to splurge on presents so I got only a chocolate, some new tights and some money. My aunt seemed to finally remember that I kind of had my 18th birthday last year and she gave me some money too. XDD (She never does, usually and this time it wasn't a small amount, either.) What's funny that my sis who's had her 18th birthday on the 22th got less money than I did. XD

But it's so strange, this realisation. We're all adults now (on paper anyway). Hard to believe. Where has my childhood gone? XD

Well, now time for the meme. Ugh. XD

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).

Read more... )

Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Read more... )

More later because I may (or may not XD) want to write an another entry tonight. :)

Once again - Merry Christmas to all of you. :) Those of you who believe in God - I hope you'll really feel His love tonight. And those who don't - I hope your day will be filled with good things and warmth only. <3
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Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

That as time goes by, it’s gonna fade away - I’ve been living with that belief )

In other news:

> Slowly making friends at tumblr~ (Well, trying to, anyway.)

> Still in love with Donghae and Ryeowook's duet for Hae's drama. Non-k-pop-flist - you can listen to it here. And fall in love with the song while you're at it because it's so pretty and sweet and warm.

> KRS' song for Sungmin's President drama OST was a disappointment, though. It was so typical and I just didn't feel that song at all. A pity - I've been on a good streak with OST songs in those last days - Homin's Athena (which I still don't know a title of XD) and their teaser "Torn", D&R's Just like now. I was hoping KRS' "Biting my lips" would be as good. Eh, you can't have everything, I guess~ (Still waiting for Luna and Yesung's duet for President <3)

< I took part in this project for Zhou Mi~ :D Here's my submission. (Nothing special, I know but I put my heart in it. XDD And holding crayons in my hand felt so strange. Last time I've done that was probably in junior high. XD)

> Yesterday I was in a real spamming mood what most of you probably couldn't not notice. XD

> Today I'm reading fics. DBSK ones, quite decently written. (Though one ended in a really mean moment. Or rather - was cut off. "To be continued", heh.)

> Leeteuk, sleep! It hurts looking at you right now.

> Heenim's been talking about Ryeowook often lately. :) It seems they got closer after they started living on the same floor. <3 His story about Wookie's and his dramas watching was hilarious. XD
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So, reposting this from twitlonger (longer indeed XD) and tumblr because here it should be the easiest to find it in the future. Should I want to remind myself what I've used to think in general and on that particular affair.

Drama button )

And here I've found more of those articles:

I've re-read it and I see I forgot about one thing while writing it.

In the whole paragraph with all that 'all that joy...' was supposed to be something like this: "And they (the fans) completely disregard or maybe truly don't notice the consequences and implications that this statement holds when it comes to Homin. Like the fact that JYJ said that they still believe in five of them being together in the future overshadows completely their previous words".
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Swego rodzaju powrót do pewnego fandomu )

Na razie nie wpadłam na żaden pomysł na fika dla Tsu, ale myślę, że i na to przyjdzie czas.
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Khem, khem. As some of you may remember I mentioned once liking a Japanese boysband, namely NewS. Now I think that if I thought then that i liked them, currently I REALLY LIKE them. XD I'm downloading shows with them and then watching them, reading interviews, fanfiction and generally fangirling for serious. xD It's the first time that I have motivation and am willing to search for various information and programmes about any band. Normally, I don't care much about how a band's members look, what they think, do, I don't care about anything about them besides their music.
I can't really say that I love them. I don't even really think that I do. But do you know? When you just really like something so honestly, truly and seriously that when you see or think about it, you inadvertly smile and that specific warmth spreads over you. That's the kind of feeling I get from NewS, from fangirling over them. And that's great, I want it to last. ^^
They're just so positive. And watching all those interviews make me think that they're quite interesting people as well. Not to mention charming, but that's a must when you're a member of a boysband, I guess. xD

Anyway, NewS are my new obsession. NewS are the only band that managed to get my interest and keep it for longer than several hours. I hope I won't stop liking them. ^^

Also, thanks to the fact that Ryo (my favourite member) played in a drama Ryusei no Kizuna, yesterday I finally watched my very first episode of my very first j-drama. xD And, to my surprise, it turned out to be quite good. And hilarious at moments. xD I'm definitely going to continue watching it (and preferably dramas in general, as well). Especially that Ryo's not a bad actor, neither is Nino from Arashi nor Erika that played with them.

And I'm happily torturing my family with stories about NewS. XD

And besides NewS...
The Easter passed nicely. ^^ I met with my family (from mom's side), ate some good food. Caught some grippe intestinale from my beloved grandma and grandpa ^^ Whole family except mom was vomiting (and not only) for a whole Tuesday - starting from 4 AM. Now I'm a kilo lighter XD
But what surprised me the most was my cousin K. He is... a specific person. Really, he's a little different from most of people (and it's not that kind of 'I like mango' type of different, either). He's got pretty long hair and looks a lot better now. ^^ At first when I came into a room, I thought it's some his cousin or pal. XD

Recently I haven't watched any anime or read any manga because I was too busy first visiting my family, then being sick and then - fangirling NewS <3

And I'm spamming my twitter, so it's a good way to follow how I'm spending my time. XD

Also, today Kasumi showed me a forums of a m&a&fantasy club that is starting in Siedlce. In Siedlce. That's a really good news, I hope something will come out of it. ^^
And next Saturday I'm meeting with her to watch some anime. Can't wait. :)
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Recently I've been doing a little re-reading of CLAMP's works. ^^ I read xxxholic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (and reminded myself just why and how much I love them xD), Card Captor Sakura (it's such a sweet and warm manga - I'm meeting with Kasumi this Monday to borrow the anime from her), Suki Dakara Suki and Gohou Drug. It'd probably continue if not for the fact that I watched overdue Skip Beat's episodes, talked with Med -> decided to check out the manga and fell in love with the story. XD Kyouko is such a funny and likable character and even though she's a heroine of a shoujo manga I really like her - I guess it helps that she's quite original. ^^ Aaand Ren's father is awesome just like Med said <3 I even came to like Ren himself. And even Shoutarou a bit - which surprises me, because I hadn't thought that I can consider him anything other than an awful jackass (with a great voice xD). But I guess it's the doing of the manga - he gets some more attention and we're shown a bit of his better side (but he still remains a huuge jackass xD).
And there's going to be a drama made of it~ (Maybe I'll finally watch one xD)
And I've re-read some chapters of Mekakushi no Kuni - it's a shoujo as well and I love it - it's such a warm manga <3

I'm watching Samurai Champloo - started yesterday and watched 6 episodes <3 It seems this anime will be fun~ (Personally, I loved the scene with cross-dressing Jin and this particular line - Hentai! Iya, dai hendai! Don't know whether my spelling is good) I'll probably be done with this one in two-three days. ^^

This Friday I borrowed infamous Twilight from my classmate. I wanted to form my own opinion and not just repeat what I've heard.
After the first page and the description on the back-cover I'd already known that I'll laugh a lot. And roll my eyes while I'm at it. ;) I read more than half of the book and the story itself is quite interesting. But. I have to agree with what Tsu once said - Meyers' 'style' resembles a lot the ones you meet when you venture the dark depths of And all those descriptions of Edward - they're killing me. XD I wonder how many times one can repeat stuff like 'his perfect lips', 'my Adonis', 'young god', 'captivating smile/eyes/lips/words/gazes/etc.' - they're pretty pathetic. ^^ Also, I don't think that the first person narration was a good idea. xD Given that Bella is rather irritating (and she's created as very original, but I didn't really noticed in what exactly way it manifests itself - that she likes to read and have no instinct of self-preservation?). I've already gotten to the sparkling part as well xD I have to admit I hadn't thought that it would be so...literal. xD
All in all, I can't quite comprehend how such a book could become a best-seller. Or rather - I can, but it's pretty depressing. xD

This Tuesday I have a test from whole romanticism - and since I'll probably go for advanced Polish on matura in the next year, my teacher's going to give me a suitably more difficult topic. XD But I don't really intend to study too much - I'm just reading my notes from lessons (but given that we've been doing the romanticism since October it's not a quick task either XD).
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stolen from [ profile] nashirah
1. Write your LJ username
2. Write your two favorite bands/groups at the moment [not overall, just currently]
3. Write either I ♥ k-pop ; I ♥ j-pop ; I ♥ c-pop [this isn't really for anything, just to see how you draw hearts xD]
4. Write the name of your favorite person of all time [e.g. Yamada Ryosuke]
5. Write down your recently favored person [e.g. G-Dragon]
6. Tag 5 people to do this meme.

Image Hosted by

A little blurry - I had to resize it, because it was way too big
I tried not to prettify my writing too much, but I didn't wrote it as I usually do when in, well, school either XD

And it apparently seems that nowadays I can't just make a normal entry. XD

I was in "my" library this week and - to my surprise - they actually bought GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire just because I'd asked for it once. But still, my joy turned out to be premature as they only got the volumes that I already own and two other GRRM's books that aren't parts of the series. (Although the librarian had been sure they were XD It seems you can't trust book shops XD) But they're going to try again and get those books for me <3 (I get a strange suspicion that there won't be many people reading it, but well....XD) I borrowed those two other books instead - I'm quickly nearing to the end of The Armageddon Rag. Martin's books are just so amazing - once I start reading I literally can't stop <3 How does he do it that they're just simply captivating? XD (And with this one I even went as far as to take it to the school~ Even though my backpack is usually heavy enough by itself)
I should be rather reading Pan Tadeusz right now. And there are Nad Niemnem and Lalka waiting in the queue too. But who cares.

And tomorrow my class is going on a sleigh ride~ I really can't wait ^^ I missed snow those last two years. And sledging as well xD Not to mention that playing with snow is bound to be a much nicer way to spend one's time than sitting through the lessons.

I'm still in One Piece trance XD I haven't got around to finishing catching up with the most recent episodes, but I'm reading the manga which is much more awesome than those few fillers could even aspire to be. XD Also, I think I've mentioned it, but it's wonderful to have someone to fangirl and discuss the series with. Even if it's your own brother. XD

Grandma is still there and I think I almost became unable to talk to and with her as a civilized human and a granddaughter. Although she's not without fault, no, far from it.

Also, why is that so that I just can never remember that I made myself tea? I always remind myself about this little fact when it's already gone literally black and cold. XD

And I should go and finally buy those tickets to/from Warsaw for this weekend. (And check trains' schedule before it)

Aaaaand I want a "Semi-friends only" One Piece banner, but I just can't seem to find it. Or a person who would make it for me. XD
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This Thursday I was in Warsaw with O., A. and her sister~ We got them by bus and of course to make our journey more pleasant there had to be an annoying couple sitting before us.
We wandered for a few hours around Zlote Tarasy, but we didn't buy much. I myself only bought two volumes of The Embalmer - the 3rd and the 4th <3 and Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora because [ profile] firescribble praised it so much - I hope it'll turn out to be worth the money I paid for it. XD I probably wouldn't buy the book, but they didn't have the next part of ASoIaF, so I first made sure that mom would return me some money for it and bought it. XD I heard only one library in my town has that book and it's not one of that 3 that I'm a member of and I had a really strong whim to buy that book. XD
Now all that's left for me it hope that it will rain money somewhere before the Ecchicon. XD

Then we finally went to Buffo to see Metro. We had 'entries' which meant that we paid 15 PLN, went it and if some seats were vacant we could sit. Of course with our exceptional luck even though the hall is never full, it just had to be this one time when we happened to go there. XD So even though my legs were already killing me after walking around the shopping mall - in (sort of) high heels and with my winter coat tacked under my arm - we had to stand during the whole performance.
And if it's about the musical itself I really liked it. The first part was a little stiff, but then it spiced up. Some songs were pretty, the choreography as well. And Jerzy Grzechnik whose voice I came to love during Romeo and Julliet played the main part which made me happy too ^^

After the performance we took another bus and returned home~ The driver was nice and let me out quite close my house. ^^

My legs were killing me for the rest of the day. XD

I'm still watching One Piece like a madman. XD I'm at the 201st episode and just about to start watching the 202nd. ^^ And I love this series so much and the characters and their mutual relations just don't cease to be simply AWESOME <3

I caught up with Toradora with my brother so the next part will be spoilerish for those who didn't XD I quite like it, but I just don't want Ryuji and Taiga to end up together - even though I know it's the logical outcome of the show. I think it's be great if they just stayed friends at the end. I mean, he's more like a older to Taiga, they make great siblings and I really don't want to see them involved romantically with each other. And Ryuji's too good for Taiga XD I think the best partner for him would be Ami (they understand each other quite well and as it was underlined in the series they are equal), although I think it'd be even nicer - not to mention more original - if we didn't get any couples at the end. But that's probably impossible. I should prepare myself for Ryuji + Taiga, I guess.

And I started watching Casshern Sins. I hadn't have too much expectations towards it, but it's just beautiful - all those backgrounds. *__* And the story has the atmosphere - it's sad and depressing, but somehow captivating (although I'm only at the 3rd episode XD).

The only thing that I can't stand is the fact that my precious winter holidays are just coming to their end. _^_ Why do two weeks of free time always have to pass so quickly?
I should be studying right now for the stupid tests that I have scheduled for the next week. >> Bleh.

And if it's about the love meme, I'll try to post the letters when I have them all written.

Ah, I'd almost forget. Two days ago or something like that I was sitting like a good girl and watching One Piece online when I heard some strange sound. Namely sound of some kind of alarm buzzer. At first I thought it must be uncle's lame phone signal, but it quickly turned out that it was the computer that emitted that sound. It seems it broke down. Sort of, anyway, since it works quite nicely, but the buzzer is still here. So for undefined amount of time I won't be online on gadu gadu.
I just hope dad will manage to repair it (he's trying right now).
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I was wondering whether to do this meme or not, came to conclusion that I'm too lazy for that.
All conclusions can be wrong, so give me some names~ XD

Ganked from pretty much half of my f-list. XD

You name a character (from a fandom I know), I write him - or her - a short love letter(confession). Then you do the same thing at your journal. Well, if you wish. Letters will be posted in a separate entry.

Most of my fandoms are listed on my profile~ One Piece
More than one character permitted - but don't overdo it ;)
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Yesterday I read "Phantom of the Opera". Though it would be more correct to say that I forced myself to read it. I don't know why, maybe it's because I already saw the performance and I knew roughly what happens, but I didn't like it too much. It was quite interesting and I couldn't help but think somewhere in the back of my mind that maybe it was somehow based on real events even though I knew it's only fiction, but this book irritated me nevertheless. I swear if I hear one more time about "pure, naive, innocent, sweet child with an angel's voice" I'll puke. Or bite. The main heroine was pathetic - completely devoid of any intelligence and your typical damsel in distress - she didn't struggle at all and just fainted and cried when something happened. And her beloved wasn't any better - it was told in the book "that he didn't lack courage", but I didn't exactly notice him displaying any of it. If you asked me, I'd rather say he seemed like to be a spineless coward. And all that gabbing about him being so miserable, because, oh, oh, he loved and wasn't loved in return and all his dillemas were infuriating.
I know that it was written at the start of the XX century, but come on. I was expecting quite a lot from this book and it disappointed me.

Before "Phantom" I read the second part of the third volume of "A song of Ice and Fire" and now I can only wish for more <33 (I hope my wish will come true when I go to Warsaw during those winter holidays ^^)

I'm still watching One Piece and I'm already at the 84 episode and I'm watching the next in a few minutes. ^^ I love this series <3 It's just so much fun. ^^
And I did read several Zoro x Sanji/Sanji x Zoro doujinshi, but it's like I thought it would be - sure, some yaoi is nice, but their original relations, even though platonic,
are just so much better and more awesome than searching by force for any romance. Generally, I love interactions between the characters in One Piece <3

And Today I'm going to start reading "Blondynka Tao" by Pawlikowska. ^^

Also today we have an annual visit by a priest from our church~ Does anyone know how it's called in English? XD
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Winter holidays~ It's really nice that there are going to be two weeks of free time, but I wish they started a week or two later. We just had some free time because of Christmas and after those holidays there won't be any, any longer weekend or anything until April. And that will be hard.

Also, recently I've been having headaches. In fact, I'm having one right now. I took some pill, but those things tend to take really long to work on me (at least 1 hour). It's irritating and tiresome. When I sometimes wake up with my head already in pain, it doesn't really put me in a good mood. It sometimes stop by itself, sometimes I have to take pills and I really hate having to resort to that.
I wonder what's up with me. I remember that I had been having almost daily headaches around two years ago during summer holidays, but I don't really remember what made them go away.
Maybe there's something wrong with my sinus? I probably should go to the doctor.

My class had the biggest number of the worst grades in the whole school. Of course, we owe it to one idiot that rarely graces the school with his mighty presence and who had around six 1s. xD If it wasn't because of him, it'd be quite funny - the previous year we were near the top, now we're amongst the worst classes. XD

I am watching One Piece~ I started on Saturday and I've already seen 29 episodes. I like the series and all main characters (and not only) are really likable (or at least funny). I love Zoro and I love Sanji and I don't even ship them. XD But I guess it's a matter of time XD But I'm not really used to watching such loooong series and I already know that I won't be too fond of all those dragging arcs. XD (I read some chapters of the manga, so I remember this and that and I can notice that some things are already being dragged XD)

This Wednesday we had a volleyball match and we won an easy 3:0 - in less than one hour. XD But I played only one set and it's not likely that I'll get to play more in the upcoming matches, so it's a bit disappointing.

And yesterday I went to library and managed to borrow Murakami's "Dance, dance, dance". <3 And my parents with my sister went to Warsaw this Tuesday, so I gave them some money and my mom bought me the second volume of the third part of "A Song of Ice and Fire" <3 I wanted to go as well, but I had a test from the third part of Mickiewicz's "Dziady" and I chose to go to school after all And I still have "Phantom of the Opera" from O. and "Blondynka Tao" from K. (not to mention "Kurier z Warszawy" from uncle Adam), so I'll have lot of books to read~

And I came to sort of like one more boysband. XD This time Korean Super Junior. XD To be more precise - I like this song. The moment with the violin~ <3 To hell with the fact that they're more feminine than I am. XD

Also, if it's about Koreans - did you read this? Yay, who else is happy that APH got cancelled?

My head still hurting, but a little bit less. One more hour and I'll probably feel better for real.
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The Christmas cards are sent~ Just today, so...XD And I've already got a card from [ profile] arushiraoi today XD I'm slow and lazy, I know. ^^"
The school for this year is at its end as well. And I bought a present for my classmate for tomorrow's gifts exchange. ^^ (And I saw earrings that I'd like for myself - the thing is they're not my style whatever it means XD and I don't like idea of spending any money either. XD On the other side I can't remember when was the last time when I bought some earrings for myself - and I really like those ;-; But I'd like to go on Ecchicon (maaaaybe) and probably I'll go with some of my classmates to see Metro in Buffo during the winter holidays.

When I was changing in the school I've broken a nail. And it wasn't anything like "oh noes! my shining pretty nail", but rather "oops. ........There are some layers left. Good" XD My stupid hopeless nails. XD Fascinating, isn't it? ;]

I'm reading "The Count of Monte Christo". It's an interesting book, but the action is really slow. Still, a good book <3

Recently I've been reading Vinland Saga. A really, really good manga. About vikings. XD But I've already read all existing chapters and the last one ended in a very mean moment. XD (I want the next chapter!) I command---- recommend it to all of you :) But first read SAO ;>

Yesterday I went to the dentist - got treatment to my two teeth and now finally everything's alright~ XD It seems some of my teeth are over-sensitive, so the dentist showed me how teeth should be properly washed XD I don't know anyone who does it that way XD And it's hard to change, too.

On Mokon I got "some" anime (two big packets ~ 100 CDs? XD) from [ profile] benihime and I guess I'll be checking their contents during the holiday break. XD And I got the first season of House, M.D. from [ profile] crofe_sima, so I'll have lots things to watch <33 (And today there's House on TV as well~)

Hyh, right now I'm reading the latest xxxHOLIC's chapter. Just how old is Doumeki? XD Lately he's just been sitting and drinking alcohol nearly all the time. XD I know that he's keeping black Mokona company, but isn't that boy underage? XD Ah, CLAMP, what're you teaching us~
Besides - cooking is such a serious business~ Cooking is deep. Yep.
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I've just finished reading Shin Angyo Onshi. I hate that manhwa and I love it at the same time. I haven't read such a good story for a long time. You know how it's when you read something that's at one moment hilarious at another depressing, that makes you think hard, that makes you just itching from curiosity what will happen next. And at the same time you're not sure whether you want to read the next chapter, because it's so intensive that it makes you mentally tired. But you read it anyway, because you have to know. Because you came to love (or detest) the characters and because the plot is just so awesome and complex and captivating. That's what Shin Angyo Onshi is like. And if it weren't enough the artwork is simply beautiful - detailed, a bit realistic and you could sit and stare th the pictures for a long time (only you don't because you have to proceed xD). Ah, I love it.
In other words - if you want to read something really good, you know what to try
It's even more, I guess, surprising (for myself), because as much as I love m&a I rarely get such feelings from reading it - sure there are emotions and all, but personally I find it usually in books.
I wish it was published - even Tokyo Pop would be good (because I don't believe that any of Polish publishing houses would ever publish it).
Oh, and I so wish there was an epic anime made of it. Oh, wait, there is a movie. I'm craving for a long perfectly animated series with beautiful music and good seiyuus, but I'll check it out for sure too. (As quickly as I can XD)

Recently I've also been in a mood for yaoi (or should I rather say - shounen-ai). Read some works by Honami Yukine and pretty liked it - the artwork is pretty, the stories mostly light and funny. (It was a good break from SAO's seriousness and intensity)

Mokon~ It's in two days. I can't wait <3 But I'm a little nervous about all preparations (like what to buy, if I should take shoes for change - I guess I will anyway) And tomorrow I'm buying train tickets to Warsaw for my and my brother. I'm not really looking forward to getting up at 5 o'clock on Saturday, but what one wouldn't do to meet some people earlier ;)

School is, well, school. Nothing new aside from the fact that I'll probably get 2 from physics for semester. I've never had anything less than 4 from any subject, so it's bound to be little discomforting, but what you can expect, when you're too lazy to even try. XD

Yesterday we had a volleyball match - we won 3:1. I didn't get to play at all nor did most of girls from the second lineup. Even though in one set it would do no harm to let us play - we can play and play quite well, after all. But no, no chance for it. The only part of my body that hurt afterwards were hands from constant cheering and clasping. But it didn't last long. The trainer said once that he'll have us play in the next match with another school from our town. We'll live, we'll see.

Overall this week is sort of library week for me. XD First, this Monday I returned some books to one of two libraries that I'm a member of. Then, a classmate showed me another one and I signed up for it. ^^ And yesterday I returned some books to "my" library ("my" as in the closest one - it's part of my apartment house). And I borrowed "Granica" by Nałkowska and "The Count of Monte Christo" by Dumas and one Garfield comics XD. I've been wanting to read "The Count..." for quite a long time and recently after I watched Gankutsuou I finally strengthened my resolve to do so. XD

Also, recently I've been in a writing mood - I wrote a Sora/Kilik drabble for Air Gear fandom and Munsu/Won Sul drabble (SAO). Those of you who've known me for a longer time know also that I rarely write and when I do my pieces are rather short and lame xD And I'd like to write more - for both those fandoms and others as well. So if you want, you can give me some prompts and maybe I will write some crappy drabble. Most probably not, but I'd like to try XD

And today I'm going to watch House, M.D. <33 I always forget about it _^_ XD

That would be all, I guess. (Have I lost my "gift" for writing unbearably long entries? xD That or I'm just too dazed by SAO to think XD)
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For some time I was meaning to write a long entry - about my half-way point ball, a volley-ball competition, this autumn's series, but I'm not going to do it. XD Too lazy. Or maybe I am? XD

Instead have a meme~ Ganked from [ profile] arushiraoi

Your rainbow is slightly shaded blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Errrm. XD

Recently I got obsessed with Air Gear - started watching anime last Sunday and now I'm quickly catching up with manga~ I love this series - the characters are great, the plot gripping and the artwork really pretty. Unfortunately, its fandom seems to be a) unbelievably small and b) pretty much dead.
I don't understand it - it's fun, it's pretty, there are lots of subtexts. But, oh yeah, it's ecchi as well, and we can't just have women in our manga, can we? If they were all stupid naked chicks I'd somehow fathom it, but no, most of them are really likable characters with distinct personalities. So why?
I'd love to see some fanfics, fanarts, but with such a small and inactive fandom, it's not likely. (There are some fanworks, but in silly quantity) I even went as far as to actually check _^_
Anyway, love the series and love its characters - especially Akito and Agito, Kazu and Spitfire (who's such a dork in manga wherein in anime he seemed to be a rather sedate person XD). And Rika, Benkei, Yoshitsune, Sano <3, Ikki and many many more.

Anime from the new season that I'm:
a) watching
- Gundam00 S2
- Kuroshitsuji
- Toradora
- Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter
- Tales of the Abyss
- Skip Beat
- Tytania (I got stuck on the 1st episode, but oh well)
- Chaos Head (watched only two episodes and not going to watch more XD)

b) going to watch or not:
- Mouryou no Hako
- Hakushaku to Yousei
- Michiko to Hatchin
- Zettai Yareru Girisha Shinwa
- One Outs
- Casshern Sins
- Kurozuka
- Junjou Romantica 2 (yay for ugly stereotypical yaoi XD)

And few words on the ball. Food was crappy (especially given the money we had paid), music - disco-polo, techno and other shit like that (only few nice songs), but I nevertheless had fun. ^^ (And eventually I worn another dress than I wrote I'd have on. And I borrowed shoes from my mom and only later I realized that in fact they were too small. I don't know how I could have not realized it earlier. XDD Of course, I just had to forget to take my ID and I had to call my dad and have him go fetch it and waste petrol. XD")

All is well on the Earth at school. ^^

And Mokon is getting closer and closer. I can't wait to meet with all of you <3 (And I'm going with my bother and his friend so I'll be relatively safe XD)

Also, be awed by my beautiful icon with Vino and Chane from Baccano! ;)
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Today mom left a note that whoever - my sister or I - returns home earlier, that person has to hung out the towels to dry. It oh, so fortunately happened to be me and just a moment ago I was in the middle of doing the chore, when it occurred to me that maybe she hadn't meant it to be hung outside. I called to check and mom said that she wanted me to do it in the cellar. XD But it's too late and the weather is quite good today and I'm too lazy, so the balcony will have to be enough. XD

I mentioned before that my last math test hadn't been too successful. It seems that I was wrong - luckily it turned out that I got 4, which is good. ^^ It always could be better - it's math and I've always been good at it - but I was expecting something worse, so I was really relieved.

Also, two days ago during English we had our usual preparations for matura (I know I'm in the second class, but we've been doing it since the first class XD) and our teacher thought that it would be nice if we did it like it was a real exam - 15 minutes for preparing one of two topics and then several people would present their topics in front of the rest. And other people would be playing a committee. The first to answer was Z. and then, of course, she just had to ask me. XD I was rather nervous, but I got 6 and the teacher had problems with coming up with any question, because as she said I had covered everything. And then after the class, Kasia said that everyone was surprised that I was talking and talking. XD Nevertheless, it was really nice. ^^ (And mentally exhausting, as well. XD)
The best thing - the day after we had a mini-test from vocabulary and I got 4+. XD It's my first mark in English different than 6 this year XD I hadn't looked through the exercise book at all, so I didn't remember some words (even though I know them XD)

End of boring school stuff~

Now time for Prince of Tennis stuff. ^^

So as some of you may know I like Ootori, but I'm not really fond of his portrayal in most of fanworks (that's encouraged and can be considered partly caused by his portrayal in anime). For some time I was meaning to check his appearances in manga - just to see what manga-canon Choutarou is like (because somehow despite the fact that I had read PoT at least 3 times and had known it for 3 years I didn't remember anything XD). Yesterday I finally found energy, will etc. to do it, so I downloaded some volumes and played in "Cut It In Small Pieces" Game a little and I 'read' their first game against Seigaku. Ootori maybe is a little more emotional than the rest of our beloved fabulous Hyoutei team - he was the only one that cried at the end of the game - but even though he obviously respects Shishido he does not treat him as some kind of guru or anything and he's not as shy and stammeringly cute as most people see him. But that's not the point
The point is that I noticed that Hiyoshi
a) seems to be a little less weird and more calm and collected in manga
b) is not such a sucker in tennis as he seemed to be in anime, where in his match against Echizen he was simply pathetic
c) knew Kirihara from before, which means now I'm craving for some fic with that pairing and it probably doesn't even exist XD.
Also, Shishido and Gakuto don't seem to strongly dislike each other as I was sure they do. But maybe some proof for that is in some latter chapters.

This Wednesday I got a package from Medea <33 One Trigun anthology and one PoT anthology. They're pretty and Med is wonderful beyond words.

Also this Wednesday during my PE class something rather hilarious happened. The weather was good, so our (idiot) teacher decided that we're going to practice long jump at the (too) nearby stadium. We did some silly preparing exercises and then started jumping. One of the girls that didn't exercise was raking sand when she squealed frightfully. And all the girls around her followed in her footsteps and started screaming 'RAT'. I was curious so I came up to them and realized taht there was a rat in there. More precisely - a big dead rat sprawled on the sand that we were jumping on just several minutes ago. All the present girls (and in our class there are rather many of them XD) gathered around the sandpit. Some were squealing and jumping and some (me amongst them) couldn't help but laugh. I laughed so hard that my whole face hurt. XD Then our heroic teacher - after grinning like a moron he is for a moment - had to dispose of the 'corpse'. He took the rat on the rake and started climbing the stairs, but he did it so incompetently that the poor rat almost fell of it several times. XD And then he wanted to dump it in a bin. XDD That was an interesting and entertaining PE class~ ^^

And tomorrow our whole school is going to cinema to see 'Świadectwo' (Testimony) to make up for November 10. I'm not too happy with the choice of film, but I heard it's not bad, so we'll see. And after the film we - I, Kasia and Weronika - are going to go to McDonalds. Yay etc. XD

Btw, I wrote a Dirty pair fic for Tsunami and I'd really appreciate if you commented on it. ^^


I've been meaning to resume watching Gintama and today I did.

OH, GINTAMA. You know what I like. XD

Also, T-Zone, come back soon
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First of all, I always kind of thought that I don't have people randomly friending me here on LJ. Now that I think about it there were several cases of that, but I always added them back and hust asked them on their LJs why they did it. I don't really feel like doing it anymore, so have a few words on it. I honestly don't mind people adding me - I like making new friends - but I'd like to know why you they do that - do I know them from somewhere? If so, then from where? Or maybe they just stumbled upon some of my entry/fic and found it interesting? Or because we have a lot in common?
If it's any of the latter options (or something entirely else) and it's not likely for me to recognize your nickname, comment on some of my entries, say 'hi' or something like that.

That said, let me brag a little share my happiness with you. XD Yesterday my dad finally bought a printer. It's Canon. Unfortunately it's not even remotely pink and it doesn't claim to have some obscure relationship with its master, meaning our computer - which also got 'upgraded'. By 'upgraded' I mean that we finally have XP and not 98 SE.~

Also, I didn't mention it before - only in comments and honestly who reads other comments? (except me, that is XD) - but my mom became an Oriflame consultant and she treats it pretty seriously. What does it basically mean? That nearly all many thins at our home has a little 'Oriflame' sign on it. That I'm a consultant too. (Mostly on paper though - I only take a catologue to school) And that my nails now stink because mom decided that our nails have to get stronger and she painted mine as well. XD If only things would work that way.

I watched Absolute King Rikkai ft. Rokkaku Second Service and I love Rikkai's actors <33 Except Yukimura's, because he resembles Michael Jackson too much. But Baba~, Masa~, Genki~, Ono~ <33 And I think I may be doing real life shipping. Oh no. XD
And Bane and Kentarou <3
I'm not too fond of the 3rd generation Seigaku, but they're not bad. And this Echizen can actually sing. XD (But I want my Shirota and his pig ;_; XD and Suzuki) Also, isit just my impression or has Eiji really no luck with actors playing him? I've seen only two, but they were both rather ugly. XD
And before King I saw Dream Live 3 - oh, so much love. Street clothes Hyoutei. Kazuki in leather pants Koori no EMPEROR. Shirota in his fabulous-completely-un-Tezuka-like outfit. "You can actually smile" "Of course, I can". Non-tennis competition <3 Actors flirting with the audience and with each other. And many, many more.
Now I'm watching 2nd Service backstage.

And I still love D1 and Rikkai <3

Also, today Gundam 00 2 is starting <33 Finally. I can't wait to see it. <3

Oh, and recently I'm watching Ouran with my brother~ I almost forgot just why and how much I loved this series. <3 And Kyouya. And all amazing others.

Less pleasant stuff - tomorrow I'm having a test from physics and day after tomorrow 2-hour long composition from the Enlightenment from Polish. And on Wednesday 2-hour long compostion from English. Why do we always have to have tests on week's first days? As if it wasn't enough that on both Tuesday and Wednesday we have 8 classes. Urgh.


I completely forgot to brag about one more thing. ;) XD Yesterday, I finally did some cleaning. Sort of. I'm that kind of person that can't get herself to throw anything away and that always says that "I'll need it" or "It can still be useful" - even if I know that I won't and it can't. XD So yesterday I spent some time on organising papers. Lots of them. Old tests, some prints to school - that I can actually use, some other shit that I just don't want to let go of etc. Now I still have too any needless stuff, but at least neatly and logically orginased, so that I know what I actually have and where I can find it. XD


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