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Wszyscy piszą notkę z Ecchi, piszę i ja. (Wprawdzie łeb mnie boli, ale co tam.)

Sakura no you na koi deshita~ )

Generalnie kon sam w sobie był nudnawy. Mało było ciekawych atrakcji, jak już coś się znalazło, co wydawało się na interesujące, to i tak okazywało się niespecjalne. Szkoła była spora i na korytarzach było dużo miejsca i niby sleepów było sporo, ale jakoś tak nie było ich widać. Prysznice były brudne jak zawsze (te podłogi, brrr - niektóre dziewczyny chodziły tam na bosaka, chyba brak im instynktu przetrwania czy coś), kible też mało zachęcające, ale przynajmniej papier był przez większość czasu, jakieś tam mydła też były. Podziemia były ok - było tam zachwycająco chłodno, choć natknęłyśmy się na butelkę z jakąś żółtą cieczą, niezbadanego pochodzenia. Wystawcy nie mieli nic, co by mnie interesowało, ale kupiłam 6-ty tom Balsamisty i trzy ostatnie tomy GTO. Zastanawiałam się też nad przypinką z Ogurkiem, ale ostatecznie jej nie kupiłam, a w niedzielę już tego stoiska nie było.

Towarzysko było znacznie lepiej~ Były fazy (Ogurek, karnisze, Bieber ;) dżejkop (przejęzyczyłam się i wyszło coś dziwnego. XD J-kop FTW?!) i kilka innych, których nie pamiętam~). Z jakiegoś powodu Ayka stwierdziła, że się mnie boi, więc już jej nie znam.
Generalnie towarzystwo jak zwykle nie zawiodło. :D
Dzięki wszystkim, którzy spędziliście ze mną czas <3 Zwłaszcza Narvi (z którą się chyba prawie nie rozstawałam) i Fuu <3

A tak w ogóle, to b2 mnie kusi, bo chcę doświadczyć prawdziwych atrakcji j-popowo-Johnnysowych. XD

Łeb mnie zaczyna boleć, siostra mogłaby się pospieszyć z tym myciem. Niby trochę spałam po powrocie (i ręka tak mi jakoś zdrętwiała, że w ogóle jej nie czułam i niechcący przez to walnęłam się nią w nos XD) i w miarę wyspałam się na konie, ale jakoś i tak jestem padnięta. Poszłam na 20-stą do kościoła, ale wyszłam po komunii. A ta notka też mi zajęła sama nie wiem ile. XD

Wyniki będą później, ale w sumie chyba akurat one nic mi nie powiedzą. Zobaczymy. (Rodzice i ciocia i wujek, którzy akurat u nas siedzą, się tym podniecają bardziej ode mnie XD).
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This Tuesday my class went on a trip to Warsaw. First we visited the head office of TVP and, well, it was a little disappointing. We didn't get to see anything too interesting. We saw a fragment of recording 'Jaka to melodia?', but it was hardly something that could be considered interesting (unless someone was bored to death or a masochist). And it happened to be recording of dancing part, no less. (So - no participants, no host, just repeated over and over dance and bored extras clasping as if it was the worst thing that had ever happened to them. And maybe it was, who knows)
Then, we went to Nowe Powązki. I liked it even though I left my jacket in the bus and had only my coat on and it was pretty cold. The guide's talk captured attention and he told us many interesting anecdotes. At first he treated us like some illiterate idiots, though - until out Polish teacher intervened and said that we were one of those reading teenagers. XD (Most of us, anyway) Can't really blame him, though - usually he probably has to deal with people that couldn't even afford their precious time to read 'Kamienie na szaniec', not to mention other books.
After visiting the cemetery we had some free time in Arkadia. I don't like shopping, but it wasn't too bad. And I managed to buy the next part of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire - A Storm of Swords. Or rather its half, because this particular book is split in two. (Which means that I have to pay twice). But ASoIaF is so great that I don't even mind it (much) <3
And then finally came time for the highlight of our trip - Phantom of the Opera in Roma. The hall was full and Ola who is interested in Polish musicals said that it was the first time she had ever seen it full. XD But because of that we couldn't change our cheap uncomfortable seats for something better and after the performance my back and legs hurt. XD As for the performance itself I really liked it. The music was captivating, the actors played well. Only some songs seemed a bit too long and there were almost no spoken lines - which is pretty rare even for musical. (At least I think so) Afterwards I just couldn't help but 'sing' some of the songs in the bus. XDD Of course, with lyrics adequately changed, which means I sang about e.g. PCV windows. Or Osram's bulbs. XD It was pretty successful day and I enjoyed it ^^
And thanks to Ola I have the OST~ (If anyone wants, I can upload some songs for you :)

Yesterday I finished reading Siewca wiatru by Kossakowska which I had borrowed from Kasia. I must admit that I'd been rather skeptical - as I usually tend to be wary of Highly Recommended By Everyone Super Extra Momoshirou Special Bestsellers. But I liked it and think that it's fairly good. I'd never once during reading found it 'OMG! So great11!!1', though. Not my type of book, I guess.
But I have just started reading my new shiny A Storm of Swords and I already love it. Biased much? XD

A few words about my half-way point ball. It's on 15 November. I already have a dress (my mom's - it just barely fits her, so it's a little loose on me = it's just the right size XD). I don't have a partner, but quite a lot of the girls in my class don't have one, so I don't really care. What surprised me is that our - Kasia's and my - mutual friend who I haven't seen for quite a long time said to Kasia that it's a shame to go alone. Given that she is a rather independent person I though that she - of all people - wouldn't give a damn about something as petty as that. ...People change?

Day before yesterday I went to the dentist. It turned out that I have four(!) cavities. And it's as far from being a good thing as a thing like that can get. I've never been afraid of dentists and I'm certainly not going to develop such a fear now, but 4 teeth... It's going to cost a loooot of money and it's really not a good time for such expenditures. _^_

And if it wasn't enough [ profile] tsunami_pl isn't going to go on a trip to the capital city, so we're not going to meet in November. And I was really looking forward to it.

And I had to resign from buying that Satoumizu doujinshi.

I've returned to fangirling Ookiku Furikabutte. I had already re-read all translated chapters of the manga and re-watched the anime. It's the first time when I actually re-watched whole anime by myself and in time-span of only several school days, no less. Now that I saw and read it one more time I could finally focus on the characters. And now I'm able to tell apart most of the characters - even from the rival schools. ^^~ XD And I find myself noticing some (more or less) subtle interactions, details that I completely overlooked the first time. And actively seeking them as well. ^^
I have to say that I really like this title. <3 The artwork is more than weird, but you can can get used to it and when you do - even learn to appreciate it. And Oofuri's other aspects are really pleasant and enjoyable too and sort of refreshing. All characters are really likeable and most of all - they're really humane, normal - they seem just natural. And the relationships between them - love them, adore them <3 And the fact that the parents not only exist, but actually have some roles in the plot and that they even have their own personalities, that they're not just almost anonymous to readers stereotypical mother-figures - it's great.
My favourite chara would be Mihoshi's Kanou <3 And I'm really fond of Haruna, Abe, Junta, Kawai, Tajima, Hanai and have a soft spot for Akimaru. But I like - love - more or less every character.
Even Shinooka who is a truly likeable and realistic female character and you all know how hard it is to find a female chara that wouldn't be too sweet/stupid/tsundere etc.
Also, as I tend to be a rather spoiler-friendly person I orient what's going on in the newest chapters (and even have raws of them XD).
All in all, Oofuri is my not-so-new love <33 And I really wish there would be the second season. If a shit like Vampire Knight can get it, why not really good title as Oofuri? Because it is good?

Also, it's not something that one would like to admit, but I am sometimes a lurker of f!s. And that's why I even know about existence about book called Twilight - which I haven't read. But I somehow found its parody summary which - if it really mirrors the book's contents - gives a rather good impression just what kind of book Twilight is. (Tremendously bad, that is)
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It'll be random. As always. XD

I wonder where my good grades from math went. I've never had any bigger problem with math (except linear function - I always get 3 from it and repeat exam and get 5 XD), but recently first I botched one test and got 2. Usually when I don't understand something I just have to read one or two chapters from textbook before a test and it's sufficient, but this time it was unexpected and I didn't understand it yet. Nearly all people from my class did really badly, so we somehow managed to beg our teacher and we could write it once more. I got 5, but several days ago there was next test and I just now that I screwed up, because I couldn't do 2 exercises and whole test consisted from 5 ex. The best thing - when I finally left the classroom, I got enlightened as to how one from them was supposed to be done. And before I had been pretty sure that I understand everything and know how to do everything, but when it came to the test, I simply didn't understand some questions. I really don't care about physics (which I screwed up as well) or biology, but I don't want to be bad from math when I always had very good grades from it.

And I suspect that it can have something to do with the fact that I spend so much time using a computer. I don't even have time to read anything and it's infuriating, because I love reading, but when I finally end my daily computer session, it's already quite late end I just do my homework and go to sleep. I promised myself that I would end it earlier and use some of this time on reading, but we'll see if it's gonna work.

I hadn't mentioned it here, but my class was selected to do an artistic part of ceremony for The National Education Day. I and 3 other girls wrote a script (we used other school's old idea). It was an awards gala, or rather a parody of such - with a main motive being the one from The Bold and the Beautiful (Moda na Sukces, anyone?), e.g. Tatu's Nas nie dogoniat as a background music for a Punctual Teacher, or e.g. Edyta Dolniak and Kasia Głośniopek being stars that presented the teachers with awards. (And Ridge 'Ricz' Forester - played by our stupid conceited metro sexual classmate being the main star) It went pretty well and many teachers congratulated us and said that they really liked it. I hadn't been exactly delighted that we were the ones that had to do it (no one had been), so I'm happy that it turned out to be successful. Ah, what reminds me - the gala's name was 'Teacher for Success'. As kitschy as our beloved school with its conceited people and principal itself <3
And I got a 6 for writing it, which is good as well. ;)

I can has a doujinshi~ &stuff )

On October 28th I'm going to Warsaw on class trip. We're going to see Phantom of the Opera in Roma <333 And to visit some television studio (or something) and Seym and Senate (yay, really). And we're going to have some free time in Złote Tarasy. I'm going to buy the next part of A Song of Ice and Fire <3 - I swear it's slowly becoming some kind of rite of mine XD If any of you wanted (and could) meet with me, it'd be great <3
The only thing that annoys me about this trip is its cost. 90 PLN for one day to Warsaw, when other class went to Wilno for 3 (or 4) days and they paid only 230 PLN. I fail to see how it makes sense.

Also, I came to love Negahyst <333 If anyone has her arts, doujinshi or knows her site, please share *__*

I wonder... Why is it that nearly all fanfics - written mostly by girls - bash girls? I understand that they're usually written from teenage boys' POV, but it doesn't justify the fact that most girls in fanfics are stupid, vain sweet idiots or something like that. Why do we - being girls - treat girls as objects? I know that in slash ff the main point is to focus on male/male relationship and I'm a big fan of (good) fanfics, but do we really have to dismiss representatives of our own gender as brainless twerps? It's just bugging me.
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This Thursday I went on a class trip to Warsaw. I must say I didn’t expect much – not after the previous trip and not with one attraction dropping out and the price staying the same. I was rather pleasantly disappointed (though, it doesn’t change the fact that this whole thing costed way too much). The museum lesson turned out to be interesting – our guide was young, terribly gaudily dressed and talked in an interesting and attention catching way.
Then we went to Arkadia. And that was hard. XD I hate clothes-and-shoes-shopping, but I managed to walk about 3 hours with my classmates, not to die of boredom and not to bore them with my comments as well. XD The last half of hour we spent in empik and I finally bought 2nd part of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga (A Clash of Kings), 7th Saiyuki volume and first volume of Duds Hunt - new manga from Hanami (already read it - quite interesting, although rather brutal also - it costed 24 PLN, but I'll be damned if it's not wonderfully published - the paper *__*). I spent way too much money on those all books and comics and came to conclusion that I really have to start buying used books and mangas. As much as it hurts me, I really plan on doing it, because my wallet won’t endure much more. ;_; There’s only this little detail that I treat term ‘perfect state’ strictly and literally. I love when my books and mangas are beautiful and look as never read – no folded covers, scratches or anything like that. I’ll have hard time getting used to re-sold items, I’m sure of it. But I’m afraid that’s a sad necessity.End of digression. XD

After shopping we went to Buffo to see Romeo and Juliet. The play itself was good, but about half of enjoyment that I could have had from watching it, was destroyed by the building conditions. There was no air conditioning (and the day was rather hot and stuffy). We also got places on the balcony, which means that we didn’t see about half of stage. I couldn’t focus on the play. Maybe I’m shallow or something, but I just can’t enjoy a play if there are bad conditions. The nice thing – Ola’s friend is a journalist, so she and I got to see actors and take several pictures with them.
The return to home was good also. We apparently somehow got drunk from eating jellies and we sang every song that came to our minds. I’ll comment it like that: when you go back home after nice but tiring day, you sure can come up with some interesting ideas….XD

Haha. It’s official now – I was asked and agreed and so I’m going to be a godmother of my cousin. One funny thing is that she’s not my niece or anything, but cousin and the other that I’m still pretty much of a child myself. XDD And I'm not really fond of children... Oh well, I suppose that my parents will take care of everything related with it for the next few years. XD

Currently I’m reading Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray in original. I’ve wanted to read some his book for some time, had rather high expectations and I must say that Wilde’s writng didn’t disappoint me, quite contrary.

As for M&A… I watched Black Lagoon and really liked it.
Oh, and several days ago I’ve noticed that I have nearly no whole series left on the disc, so now I’m downloading like crazy, because I don’t want to run out of my drug. XD Currently dl-ing: Lucky Star, Seirei no Moribito, Mononoke, Macross Frontier.
And today I’m going to have a Gundam 00 marathon with my brother. He promised so now I won’t let him take his word back. XD

EDIT from 18.05.08
While watching G00 I made a little observation that everyone else had probably made a looong time ago XD - Lockon cared for Sestuna as much as to punch him. I think that now we know why he wears gloves nearly all the time, this little detail gains quite a significance.
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Na początek wrażenia z wycieczki. Generalnie mówiąc jej najlepszym punktem okazał się być nie tak, jak się spodziewałam (a Wy pewnie i też;) empik, a wizyta na Powązkach. Ale po kolei.




Nadrobiłam też GH. To najdziwniejsze anime, jakie widziałam (nie że było ich dużo XD). Zastanawiam się, jaką rolę odegra w tym wszystkim ten doktorek na „h”. A tak w ogóle to już jakoś długo nie ma następnego epa.


Flame of Recca wciąż w toku. ^^



Poza tym – cholera, jak ja bym chciała następny rozdział Nukume Dori. Rozumiem, że _leareth ma własne życie i w ogóle, ale naprawdę mam na niego dziką ochotę. T___T

A jutro w szkole zamiast 2 polskich 2 historie..... NIE, PROSZĘ NIE!! Hmm... mam nadzieję, że facet zapomni o nas w swojej nieprzytomności. Oby. XD


Długo coś dziś wyszło, długo.... No nic, czasem trzeba. XD Tylko mama się już złości..... XD
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Wiele razy zastanawiałam się, czy założyć konto na, czy też nie, bo nie byłam pewna, czy to co wychodzi spod mej ręki jest cokolwiek warte czy też nie (i nadal tego nie wiem XD). Wczoraj się przemogłam i oto konto istnieje. Moje pierwsze wrażanie - ludzie, jakie wymagania. XD Nie wolno tego, nie wolno tamtego. Ogólnie mówiąc mnie to irytuje. Bardzo. Niby wiem, po co to wszystko (albo tak sobie wmawiam dla poprawy humoru ;), ale to nie zmienia mojego obecnego nastawienia.

Wczoraj też postnęłam (jakie słownictwo, staczamy się, staczamy XD") mojego fika S/S na kilku community i nie dostałam żadnego komentarza, co lekko mnie dołuje, ale dobra to w końcu nie tak, że spodziewałam się ton pozytywnych i entuzjastycznych opinii. Niemniej trochę mi smutno z tego powodu. Ach, moje zranione ego...XD" A przed chwilą zaryzykowałam na [ profile] kuroxfai to całe moje "Shattering to pieces". Pożyjemy, zobaczymy.

Następne epy GH wciąż się ściągają, ściągają i jakoś ściągnąć się nie mogą. 

Dzięki eldżejowi Crofe i jej najnowszemu entry, nabrałam ochoty na obejrzenie Persony - Trinity Soul. Jak na razie zakochałam się w mundurkach z tej serii~! Jakby mundurki tak wyglądały, to naprawdę chciałabym je nosić. *^^* Ale nie wyglądają, więc nie, dziękuję. XD

Dziś na fizyce zrobiła kartkówkę. Pytania z teorii znałam zawczasu, więc się przygotowałam, ale dała inne (trudniejsze niż u poprzedniej klasy) zadania, więc tu zawaliłam na całej linii. Ale w sumie fizykę mam gdzieś, naszą nauczycielką tegoż przedmiotu obchodzę się jeszcze mniej, bo nie umie ona w najumniejszym nawet stopniu uczyć, wątpię, czy sama rozumie, co chce powiedzieć. Nawet koleżanka mówiła, że poszła na korki do kogoś i ta osoba spojrawszy na jej zeszyt, stwierdziła to samo. Trochę szkoda, że ta kolejna dwója wpadnie, ale to nie pierwsza, a z fizyki na pewno i nie nie ostatnia, więc "niech się dzieje wola nieba, z nią się zawsze zgadzać trzeba" jest tu najlepszą postawą, jaką można przyjąć. XDD

Już jutro wycieczka. Plan jest ogólnie dość paskudny, wszystkie "atrakcje" zadecydowane przez naszą ukochaną wychowaczynię (która nawiasem mówiąc zrobiła nam dzisiaj obrzydliwą lekcję francuskiego na godzinie wychowawczej. Uh, te jej oczekujące sztuczne uśmiechy i przylepione chyba na stałe "Ca va?" Nie, non ca va, do cholery). A w Promenadzie będziemy tylko 1,5 godziny. Też dość miernie obmyślone - zanim tam się człowiek w ogóle połapie, gdzie jest i gdzie chce dojść, to już pół godziny zdąży minąć. Na szczęście(?) miłośniczką zakupów wszelakich nie jestem, więc żywię szczerą nadzieję, że to, co chcę kupić, zdołam. Kolejna miła rzecz to fakt, że zbiórka pod szkołą jest o 8.00, więc znów będę musiała zrywać się wczesnym rankiem. Do tego w czwartek jako że nie mogłam znaleźć trenera, poprosiłam ze 2 osoby, żeby mu przekazały, że na pewno mnie jutro nie będzie. Dziś go zauważyłam i okazało się, że nikt mu tego nie przekazał, a on jakoby też nic nie wiedział (mimo że mu mówiłam, że pewnie nie będę mogła grać). I się przez to trochę mi samopoczucie pogorszyło.
Ale cóż, wycieczka jutro jest i mam zamiar dobrze się na niej bawić mimo tych wszystkich mniej lub bardziej wyimaginowanych problemów.

O, i jutro jak się będzie przez cały dzień 10 ep Gundama 00 ściągać, to w środę z pewnością już będę mogła go czyli mojego Alle <3 XD obejrzeć. ^^ Czyli jakieś pozytywne punkty są. XD

Ale się nagadałam............ Cóż, bywa. XD Następne entry będzie bardziej optymistczne, obiecuję~! XD

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I feel like talking in English, so here it goes. XD

Primo: I’ve got a new hi-fi stereo system. It IS thanks to stupid Carrefour’s promotion (does ‘Rodziynka’ ring the bell?, yep, citizen, you hear well ;) AND it is from some completely unknown firm – let’s see, so called FIRST Austria. XD A remote control? It has, like, 5 options (play, stop etc. XD”). And I do think it’s more than probable that it’ll get spoilt only when the warranty is over. But then again, formerly I had got Thompson one and guess what? It broke down when the warranty ended. And I bought it for my last remaining mnoey from first Holy Communion.

So even though I’m aware of it, I’m still quite content. I’ve got MP4 player, but it’s something utterly different and I really missed listening to music from my CDs. The best thing is that I can link this player with stereo and listen to the music that I’ve got there. Hurray! *^^* Mom’s saying it’s my Christmas gift… No 'hurray' here, but I suppose I’ll be able to endure. ;)

Secundo: I don’t’ feel well. I caugt some cold or something. And given that I’m meeting 3 of my former classmates tonight, I’m afraid that I’ll get more ill.

Today I watched Ghost Hound to 5 episode (only 3 more to go, wow…..XD”). I’ll comment it as it goes: it’s WEIRD. And when I say ‘weird’ I mean it. XD But it’s really interesting as well, so I’m still going to watch it. As for now my favourite character would be Makoto, I guess. Then goes Tarou and Masayuki. So it turns out that I like all 3 main characters. ^^

I started re-reading Flame of Recca (for n-th time ;), too. And I must say it – the artwork is terrible! It’s hard to believe that it improved so much in next volumes and eventually turned out to be really really nice and pretty. Just one more reason not to judge a manga by an artwork from first volumes. XD

Turning to more personal affairs. ^^ There are 3 days remaining until the trip to Warsaw. And nope, I’m definitely not feeling guilty for not going to play in the spar, not at all…. Shiller’s Pastorałka isn’t too exciting prospect nor is Contemporary Art Museum and strangely visiting Powązki Cemetery isn’t making me all happy and jumpy either. Oh well, empik’s making it up a bit. Maybe I’ll be finally able to buy the next part of G.R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire saga, which is at least one good thing about this whole excursion.

 ms_rebellious, I hope that you’ll have a good time on the Ecchicon. :3 Ah, and don’t’ you dare to forget about taking many photos and showing them later. ;)


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