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Wczoraj zakończyła się druga edycja Animatsuri, przez organizatorów szumnie nazwana "Night Festival" (trzeba przyznać, że większość uczestników ładnie spała).

Obowiązkowy eldżej kat spowodowany moim standardowym wodolejstwem )

Po powrocie do domu obejrzałam z bratem dwa odcinki Full Metal Panic fumoff, poszłam do kościoła (byłam bardziej nieprzytomna niż przytomna, więc nawet nie próbowałam walczyć z zamykającymi się oczami, tyle że wtedy zaczynałam się sennie kiwać XD). Wrócilismy i okazało się, że przyszli goście - dziadkowie i ciocia z wujkiem i przynieśli ze sobą swojego nowego pieska - ośmiotygodniową suczkę pekińczyka, która wcale na pekińczyka nie wyglądała - była prawie cała biała, maleńka i absolutnie przesłodka. No i teraz chcę psa. Nawet pekińczyka, który pewnie będzie wredny, jak dorośnie. XD
Zmęczenie przychodziło mi falami i po kościele się trochę rozbudziłam, więc poszłam spać dopiero ok. półmocy (i spałam do dwunastej).

W każdym razie, to były wspaniałe trzy dni <3 Tsu, Ayka, Mallary, Koharu, Xell, Narvi, Kana, Mai, Iromoto, Fari, Sah i wszyscy inni - jeszcze raz dziękuję <3

Zapomniałam wspomnieć o jednej atrakcji - konkursie rozpoznawania postaci. Zaniedbanie już naprawiłam ^^
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stolen from [ profile] nashirah
1. Write your LJ username
2. Write your two favorite bands/groups at the moment [not overall, just currently]
3. Write either I ♥ k-pop ; I ♥ j-pop ; I ♥ c-pop [this isn't really for anything, just to see how you draw hearts xD]
4. Write the name of your favorite person of all time [e.g. Yamada Ryosuke]
5. Write down your recently favored person [e.g. G-Dragon]
6. Tag 5 people to do this meme.

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A little blurry - I had to resize it, because it was way too big
I tried not to prettify my writing too much, but I didn't wrote it as I usually do when in, well, school either XD

And it apparently seems that nowadays I can't just make a normal entry. XD

I was in "my" library this week and - to my surprise - they actually bought GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire just because I'd asked for it once. But still, my joy turned out to be premature as they only got the volumes that I already own and two other GRRM's books that aren't parts of the series. (Although the librarian had been sure they were XD It seems you can't trust book shops XD) But they're going to try again and get those books for me <3 (I get a strange suspicion that there won't be many people reading it, but well....XD) I borrowed those two other books instead - I'm quickly nearing to the end of The Armageddon Rag. Martin's books are just so amazing - once I start reading I literally can't stop <3 How does he do it that they're just simply captivating? XD (And with this one I even went as far as to take it to the school~ Even though my backpack is usually heavy enough by itself)
I should be rather reading Pan Tadeusz right now. And there are Nad Niemnem and Lalka waiting in the queue too. But who cares.

And tomorrow my class is going on a sleigh ride~ I really can't wait ^^ I missed snow those last two years. And sledging as well xD Not to mention that playing with snow is bound to be a much nicer way to spend one's time than sitting through the lessons.

I'm still in One Piece trance XD I haven't got around to finishing catching up with the most recent episodes, but I'm reading the manga which is much more awesome than those few fillers could even aspire to be. XD Also, I think I've mentioned it, but it's wonderful to have someone to fangirl and discuss the series with. Even if it's your own brother. XD

Grandma is still there and I think I almost became unable to talk to and with her as a civilized human and a granddaughter. Although she's not without fault, no, far from it.

Also, why is that so that I just can never remember that I made myself tea? I always remind myself about this little fact when it's already gone literally black and cold. XD

And I should go and finally buy those tickets to/from Warsaw for this weekend. (And check trains' schedule before it)

Aaaaand I want a "Semi-friends only" One Piece banner, but I just can't seem to find it. Or a person who would make it for me. XD
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This Thursday I was in Warsaw with O., A. and her sister~ We got them by bus and of course to make our journey more pleasant there had to be an annoying couple sitting before us.
We wandered for a few hours around Zlote Tarasy, but we didn't buy much. I myself only bought two volumes of The Embalmer - the 3rd and the 4th <3 and Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora because [ profile] firescribble praised it so much - I hope it'll turn out to be worth the money I paid for it. XD I probably wouldn't buy the book, but they didn't have the next part of ASoIaF, so I first made sure that mom would return me some money for it and bought it. XD I heard only one library in my town has that book and it's not one of that 3 that I'm a member of and I had a really strong whim to buy that book. XD
Now all that's left for me it hope that it will rain money somewhere before the Ecchicon. XD

Then we finally went to Buffo to see Metro. We had 'entries' which meant that we paid 15 PLN, went it and if some seats were vacant we could sit. Of course with our exceptional luck even though the hall is never full, it just had to be this one time when we happened to go there. XD So even though my legs were already killing me after walking around the shopping mall - in (sort of) high heels and with my winter coat tacked under my arm - we had to stand during the whole performance.
And if it's about the musical itself I really liked it. The first part was a little stiff, but then it spiced up. Some songs were pretty, the choreography as well. And Jerzy Grzechnik whose voice I came to love during Romeo and Julliet played the main part which made me happy too ^^

After the performance we took another bus and returned home~ The driver was nice and let me out quite close my house. ^^

My legs were killing me for the rest of the day. XD

I'm still watching One Piece like a madman. XD I'm at the 201st episode and just about to start watching the 202nd. ^^ And I love this series so much and the characters and their mutual relations just don't cease to be simply AWESOME <3

I caught up with Toradora with my brother so the next part will be spoilerish for those who didn't XD I quite like it, but I just don't want Ryuji and Taiga to end up together - even though I know it's the logical outcome of the show. I think it's be great if they just stayed friends at the end. I mean, he's more like a older to Taiga, they make great siblings and I really don't want to see them involved romantically with each other. And Ryuji's too good for Taiga XD I think the best partner for him would be Ami (they understand each other quite well and as it was underlined in the series they are equal), although I think it'd be even nicer - not to mention more original - if we didn't get any couples at the end. But that's probably impossible. I should prepare myself for Ryuji + Taiga, I guess.

And I started watching Casshern Sins. I hadn't have too much expectations towards it, but it's just beautiful - all those backgrounds. *__* And the story has the atmosphere - it's sad and depressing, but somehow captivating (although I'm only at the 3rd episode XD).

The only thing that I can't stand is the fact that my precious winter holidays are just coming to their end. _^_ Why do two weeks of free time always have to pass so quickly?
I should be studying right now for the stupid tests that I have scheduled for the next week. >> Bleh.

And if it's about the love meme, I'll try to post the letters when I have them all written.

Ah, I'd almost forget. Two days ago or something like that I was sitting like a good girl and watching One Piece online when I heard some strange sound. Namely sound of some kind of alarm buzzer. At first I thought it must be uncle's lame phone signal, but it quickly turned out that it was the computer that emitted that sound. It seems it broke down. Sort of, anyway, since it works quite nicely, but the buzzer is still here. So for undefined amount of time I won't be online on gadu gadu.
I just hope dad will manage to repair it (he's trying right now).
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Yesterday I read "Phantom of the Opera". Though it would be more correct to say that I forced myself to read it. I don't know why, maybe it's because I already saw the performance and I knew roughly what happens, but I didn't like it too much. It was quite interesting and I couldn't help but think somewhere in the back of my mind that maybe it was somehow based on real events even though I knew it's only fiction, but this book irritated me nevertheless. I swear if I hear one more time about "pure, naive, innocent, sweet child with an angel's voice" I'll puke. Or bite. The main heroine was pathetic - completely devoid of any intelligence and your typical damsel in distress - she didn't struggle at all and just fainted and cried when something happened. And her beloved wasn't any better - it was told in the book "that he didn't lack courage", but I didn't exactly notice him displaying any of it. If you asked me, I'd rather say he seemed like to be a spineless coward. And all that gabbing about him being so miserable, because, oh, oh, he loved and wasn't loved in return and all his dillemas were infuriating.
I know that it was written at the start of the XX century, but come on. I was expecting quite a lot from this book and it disappointed me.

Before "Phantom" I read the second part of the third volume of "A song of Ice and Fire" and now I can only wish for more <33 (I hope my wish will come true when I go to Warsaw during those winter holidays ^^)

I'm still watching One Piece and I'm already at the 84 episode and I'm watching the next in a few minutes. ^^ I love this series <3 It's just so much fun. ^^
And I did read several Zoro x Sanji/Sanji x Zoro doujinshi, but it's like I thought it would be - sure, some yaoi is nice, but their original relations, even though platonic,
are just so much better and more awesome than searching by force for any romance. Generally, I love interactions between the characters in One Piece <3

And Today I'm going to start reading "Blondynka Tao" by Pawlikowska. ^^

Also today we have an annual visit by a priest from our church~ Does anyone know how it's called in English? XD
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Winter holidays~ It's really nice that there are going to be two weeks of free time, but I wish they started a week or two later. We just had some free time because of Christmas and after those holidays there won't be any, any longer weekend or anything until April. And that will be hard.

Also, recently I've been having headaches. In fact, I'm having one right now. I took some pill, but those things tend to take really long to work on me (at least 1 hour). It's irritating and tiresome. When I sometimes wake up with my head already in pain, it doesn't really put me in a good mood. It sometimes stop by itself, sometimes I have to take pills and I really hate having to resort to that.
I wonder what's up with me. I remember that I had been having almost daily headaches around two years ago during summer holidays, but I don't really remember what made them go away.
Maybe there's something wrong with my sinus? I probably should go to the doctor.

My class had the biggest number of the worst grades in the whole school. Of course, we owe it to one idiot that rarely graces the school with his mighty presence and who had around six 1s. xD If it wasn't because of him, it'd be quite funny - the previous year we were near the top, now we're amongst the worst classes. XD

I am watching One Piece~ I started on Saturday and I've already seen 29 episodes. I like the series and all main characters (and not only) are really likable (or at least funny). I love Zoro and I love Sanji and I don't even ship them. XD But I guess it's a matter of time XD But I'm not really used to watching such loooong series and I already know that I won't be too fond of all those dragging arcs. XD (I read some chapters of the manga, so I remember this and that and I can notice that some things are already being dragged XD)

This Wednesday we had a volleyball match and we won an easy 3:0 - in less than one hour. XD But I played only one set and it's not likely that I'll get to play more in the upcoming matches, so it's a bit disappointing.

And yesterday I went to library and managed to borrow Murakami's "Dance, dance, dance". <3 And my parents with my sister went to Warsaw this Tuesday, so I gave them some money and my mom bought me the second volume of the third part of "A Song of Ice and Fire" <3 I wanted to go as well, but I had a test from the third part of Mickiewicz's "Dziady" and I chose to go to school after all And I still have "Phantom of the Opera" from O. and "Blondynka Tao" from K. (not to mention "Kurier z Warszawy" from uncle Adam), so I'll have lot of books to read~

And I came to sort of like one more boysband. XD This time Korean Super Junior. XD To be more precise - I like this song. The moment with the violin~ <3 To hell with the fact that they're more feminine than I am. XD

Also, if it's about Koreans - did you read this? Yay, who else is happy that APH got cancelled?

My head still hurting, but a little bit less. One more hour and I'll probably feel better for real.


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