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Some random things~

It's September now and it means school. I kinda miss summer and am not happy with all those tests and exams that teachers had already managed to promise us, but I must say that I am happy to be able to meet with some people on daily basis. ^^ What I'm not pleased with is 2-hour long composition that I'm having tomorrow. And it's short story in English, too. Bleh, I don't mind writing other stuff, but with short stories you either have a good idea or you don't. _^_

Having watched Prince of Tennis - the TV series and two Nationals OAVs - I finally started to watch other shows. I caught up with Antique Bakery (which is much more dramatic than I would thought it to be and I can't exactly say that I like it being like that) and Macross Frontier - finally one of the kinda main characters died and I must say that in much earlier episodes I had suspected that it could be them.

Last two days I was trying to download PoT: Two Samurai (because I want to see Tezuka exterminating dinosaurs in good quality, so I could enjoy it properly ;), but my computer doesn't listen to me and I made at least 4 attempts (each several hours long), but I haven't managed to dl it yet. And today my comp jammed 3 or 4 times - including one time when I deleted several episodes of some anime and one when I wanted to look at different site in opera. (Needless to say I was pissed off).

I'm planning to watch Tenimyus, but given that I'm currently slowly downloading them, the time when I'll actually watch it is still far away. XD

Also, today we - I, my volleyball team mates(whom I, by the way, love very much, no kidding _^_) and our coach - had a brief meeting concerning trainings this school year. Tuesdays, 16.30 - which basically means that I - having my 7 lessons end at 15.20 that day and bus taking more than 20 minutes to get to my house - won't be able to return home 'till around 19 o'clock. I'm going to love my Tuesdays, I'm sure of it.

And I'm reading Sienkiewicz's Potop right now - should've read it this summer, but at first I completely forgot about it and then when I remembered about it (one week before the holiday's end) was too lazy. Honestly, it's not bad and I find it rather interesting and I wish I could read it in peace and that I didn't have a deadline (two weeks). Things being how they are, though, I made a plan to read at least 70 pages a day and I so hate reading and counting pages and I'm sticking to it nicely.

My consolation - it's PoT(op), after all, isn't it? ^^ (Ha, Davide style) gekidasa daze

Oh, I'm also reading lots of PoT fanfics, nowadays. Some with pairings (and not only) that I wouldn't even consider looking at before (e.g. Kite/Tezuka/Atobe and it was brilliant, too) XDD Anyway, here's my short compilation of fanfics that I came to like/love which I'm giving to everyone, whether they wanted or not~ XD. Also, after watching Nationals OAV, I'm rather fond of HiyoshixGakuto, but I haven't searched for any fanwork yet.

And some time ago, I wrote a InuKai fic (and it was kind of inspired by that fic by [ profile] twobess), but I gave it [ profile] fiendie to beta-read and she seems to be having problems with her computer right now, so I still haven't showed it to anyone (except Med, because she asked for it when she saw my description on gg XD) But I think I'll post it on my LJ tomorrow (or not) and just replace it with correct version, when (if) it will come into existence. XD So, look forward to it - even if there's nothing to look forward to. ;)

On the side note - I wonder if I'm not over-using 'font size' and 'strike' option just a little bit. XDD
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Primo: GEKIDASA In my personal ranking of favourite moments in Prince of Tennis it's somewhere near the top. <3 XD I so loved this scene~ And it cracked me so much, too. XD Shishido's face = priceless. XD My love for Silver pair grew officially bigger. And level of damage inflicted on my brain increased officially as well. You can't have everything, I guess. XD The 112th episode is definitely among my favourites.

And the 110th was great too. Hyoutei scared of frogs - especially adorable Choutarou and his gallant senpai who was ready to go to his rescue~ - I had so much fun. XD

Currently I'm watching 118th ep.~ I doubt I'll finish PoT during summer holidays, but I don't think it will take more than several days of school year to do so. Though now that I think about it... Maybe I will finish it beforse school starts again - given that I did watch almost 80 episodes this week...XD But this anime is really enjoyable. ^^

Games are stretched endlessly, but they're barely possible to watch - mostly thanks to characters' interactions - and afterwards you're rewarded with wonderful fillers~
This is the first series ever which fillers not only do I watch, but enjoy whole-heartedly. They're truly hilarious and slash-y beyond thinking of sane person who apparently I'm not.

Also, after I'd written LoGH fanfic this month, I thought that I'll have 'inspiration block' for next month or two, but apparently Silver Pair works wonders, because I surprised myself and while listening repeatedly to Oshitari's Valentine Kiss, I wrote Shishitori fic~ And now I do have block. XD Today I gathered courage and posted it here. ^^ So please comment once more <3

The sad thing about watching PoT is that my others - supposedly currently watched shows - are suffering because of that - except for LoGH which I still don't have heart to actually finish and I have only 4 epsidoes left and Code Geass R2 that I just have to watch, because it's getting crazier with every next episode so it's hard not to. XD But I need seriously to cacth up with Nabari, Soul Eater, Macross F, Kyou Kara Maou 3 and many more. XD

Going back to PoT because apparently everything that I recently do ends up somehow related with it - I'm downloading seiyuus' songs. So far I like the most Valentine Kiss XD - all three versions I have on my computer, Shishido's ALive and Gekidasa Daze XD, his and Ootori's Next gate. I'm also slowly checking out Golden Pair's songs (Oishi's seiyuu has got beautiful singing voice), Shinji's, Tezuka's, Kaidoh's, Atobe's and in my modest plans I have listening to the whole enormous rest. XD

Also, after I'd posted my SP fic on tezukazone, [ profile] fiendie beta'd it and agreed to be my beta-reader. I'm really glad and grateful <33

And if it's about pairings I'm getting interested in Bane/Davide and Yuuta/Mizuki - I don't care who tops or if there's any topping at all. XD And Dirty Pair and, of course, Golden and momoryo and tezuryo and I'd really like to forget about one disgusting Tezuka/Fuji doujinshi I read and get into this pairing as well. I'm also a little suspicious that it won't end just with them. XD Any useful links to fanart sites etc. more than welcome. ^^ ;)

Yesterday I had my first ever encounter with Mary Sue fic - previously I had miraculously avoided all this crap, but yesterday when I was looking for Gekidasa Daze lyrics and still haven't found them XD I got unlucky. Eeew.
I read only several paragraphs, noticed just who the main chara is - some OC girl that not only was invited by Atobe(!) to some party, because regulars so wanted it, but that also would eventually get together with Ootori - at least that's the pathetic impression I'd gotten before I quickly closed this site.
I'll never fathom why people write such things. _^_

Something more optimistic - after doing Livejournal meme, I finally decided that I really need some non-CLAMP icons and got some <3
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...Chyba już czas coś napisać.

Pierwszy tydzień wakacji spędziłam na wsi. Wbrew moim własnym oczekiwaniom (o ile można to tak określić) pobyt ten nie był torturą i nie umierałam z tęsknoty za komputerem, internetem i całą resztą - co mnie zresztą nieźle zdziwiło. XD Wniosek: jak czynnika uzależniającego nie ma w pobliżu, to łatwiej się trzymać od niego z daleka. ;) Zdążyłam przeczytać Kronikę ptaka nakręcacza Murakamiego i stwierdzam, że książka jest naprawdę dobra. Przeczytałam też De Profundis czyli krzyk z otchłani Oscara Wilde'a - list, jaki napisał Wilde do swojego przyjaciela w czasie swego pobytu w więzieniu (do którego trafił z niemałą zasługą owego przyjaciela) - i stanowczo z chęcią bym poznała teraz biografię pana Oscara, tyle że znaleźć taką pozycję w moim mieście jest niemożliwością. Zdołałam się także odrobinę opalić - nawet nieźle jak na warunki XD - i w razie czego będę mogła się upierać, że z domu wychodziłam, bo gdzieś przecież musiałam się opalić. ;) Graliśmy też z rodzeństwem z badmintona i czasem w siatkę i ogólnie tydzień minął mi bardzo miło, a pogoda przez większość czasu także dopisywała. ^^ No i to jednak taki kontakt z naturą - raz na jakiś czas - jest niezwykle przyjemny, a możliwość wdychania świeżego powietrza i oglądania nieprzytłumionych miejskimi światłami gwiazd - cudowna.

Później nastąpił upragniony (mimo wszystko) powrót do cywilizacji. Która to wypięła się na mnie po kilku dniach, a objawiło się to brakiem internetu. Prawie tygodniowym. Przestał działać w czwartek, a piątek skontaktowano się z dostawcami, którzy mieli naprawić to w ciągu 24 godzin. W poniedziałek okazało się, że nie 24 godzin, a 3 dni, a jeszcze później - że jakiś idiota zamiast 31 lipca (kiedy to mieliśmy rozwiązać umowę) zobaczył 3 i internet nam po prostu odłączył. I gdyby nikt nie zadzwonił do nich, to pewnie nawet by się nie przyznali, że coś takiego zrobili. Oczywiście, odłączyć coś zawsze łatwo, ale ponowne podłączenie najwyraźniej sprawia już wiele trudności, bo powiedziano nam, że internetu już nie będziemy mieli, a reklamacja - jakbyśmy chcieli taką złożyć - miałaby trwać 30 dni.
Założyliśmy nowy net, a tych dostawców planujemy jakoś przyszpilić za zerwanie umowy, jak już minie lipiec.

A skoro już przy internecie jestem, to mogę przejść do mangi i anime, czyli dziedzin z nim nieodłącznie związanych. ;)

Czas na nieodłącznego lj-cuta XD )
Poza tym zakochałam się też w Axis Power Hetalia - trochę historii przedstawionej na wesoło i przystępnie (to jest, jeśli rozumie się język japoński)? Personifikacje krajów, z reguły męskie i do tego bardzo slashogenne? Prawidłowo zapisana pełna nazwa Polski? I do tego autor jest mężczyzną? Zdecydowanie moja broszka. *^^* Oczywiście, oficjalnie winna mojemu zainteresowaniu APH jest Tsunuśka. ;]

Na dniach odbędzie się Funekai - na który się zresztą udaję. W sobotę rodzice zawożą mnie do Łodzi, spotykam się na PKS'ie z Aggie, Adi oraz jej grupą, a stamtąd mamy udać się na miejsce. Ach, już mi serce rośnie na perspektywę wstania ok. 4 nad ranem, naprawdę. XDD
Nie mogę się już doczekać tego konwentu - zarówno ze względu na to, że zapowiada się bardzo ciekawie, jeśli chodzi o atrakcje itp., jak i tego, że wreszcie będę mogła zobaczyć się ponownie z dziewczynami z Sakury. <33 Właśnie, ktoś jeszcze się wybiera? Jeśli tak, to z żywą chęcią zobaczyłabym się z Wami na żywo. ^^
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This Thursday I went on a class trip to Warsaw. I must say I didn’t expect much – not after the previous trip and not with one attraction dropping out and the price staying the same. I was rather pleasantly disappointed (though, it doesn’t change the fact that this whole thing costed way too much). The museum lesson turned out to be interesting – our guide was young, terribly gaudily dressed and talked in an interesting and attention catching way.
Then we went to Arkadia. And that was hard. XD I hate clothes-and-shoes-shopping, but I managed to walk about 3 hours with my classmates, not to die of boredom and not to bore them with my comments as well. XD The last half of hour we spent in empik and I finally bought 2nd part of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga (A Clash of Kings), 7th Saiyuki volume and first volume of Duds Hunt - new manga from Hanami (already read it - quite interesting, although rather brutal also - it costed 24 PLN, but I'll be damned if it's not wonderfully published - the paper *__*). I spent way too much money on those all books and comics and came to conclusion that I really have to start buying used books and mangas. As much as it hurts me, I really plan on doing it, because my wallet won’t endure much more. ;_; There’s only this little detail that I treat term ‘perfect state’ strictly and literally. I love when my books and mangas are beautiful and look as never read – no folded covers, scratches or anything like that. I’ll have hard time getting used to re-sold items, I’m sure of it. But I’m afraid that’s a sad necessity.End of digression. XD

After shopping we went to Buffo to see Romeo and Juliet. The play itself was good, but about half of enjoyment that I could have had from watching it, was destroyed by the building conditions. There was no air conditioning (and the day was rather hot and stuffy). We also got places on the balcony, which means that we didn’t see about half of stage. I couldn’t focus on the play. Maybe I’m shallow or something, but I just can’t enjoy a play if there are bad conditions. The nice thing – Ola’s friend is a journalist, so she and I got to see actors and take several pictures with them.
The return to home was good also. We apparently somehow got drunk from eating jellies and we sang every song that came to our minds. I’ll comment it like that: when you go back home after nice but tiring day, you sure can come up with some interesting ideas….XD

Haha. It’s official now – I was asked and agreed and so I’m going to be a godmother of my cousin. One funny thing is that she’s not my niece or anything, but cousin and the other that I’m still pretty much of a child myself. XDD And I'm not really fond of children... Oh well, I suppose that my parents will take care of everything related with it for the next few years. XD

Currently I’m reading Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray in original. I’ve wanted to read some his book for some time, had rather high expectations and I must say that Wilde’s writng didn’t disappoint me, quite contrary.

As for M&A… I watched Black Lagoon and really liked it.
Oh, and several days ago I’ve noticed that I have nearly no whole series left on the disc, so now I’m downloading like crazy, because I don’t want to run out of my drug. XD Currently dl-ing: Lucky Star, Seirei no Moribito, Mononoke, Macross Frontier.
And today I’m going to have a Gundam 00 marathon with my brother. He promised so now I won’t let him take his word back. XD

EDIT from 18.05.08
While watching G00 I made a little observation that everyone else had probably made a looong time ago XD - Lockon cared for Sestuna as much as to punch him. I think that now we know why he wears gloves nearly all the time, this little detail gains quite a significance.


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