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It'll be random. As always. XD

I wonder where my good grades from math went. I've never had any bigger problem with math (except linear function - I always get 3 from it and repeat exam and get 5 XD), but recently first I botched one test and got 2. Usually when I don't understand something I just have to read one or two chapters from textbook before a test and it's sufficient, but this time it was unexpected and I didn't understand it yet. Nearly all people from my class did really badly, so we somehow managed to beg our teacher and we could write it once more. I got 5, but several days ago there was next test and I just now that I screwed up, because I couldn't do 2 exercises and whole test consisted from 5 ex. The best thing - when I finally left the classroom, I got enlightened as to how one from them was supposed to be done. And before I had been pretty sure that I understand everything and know how to do everything, but when it came to the test, I simply didn't understand some questions. I really don't care about physics (which I screwed up as well) or biology, but I don't want to be bad from math when I always had very good grades from it.

And I suspect that it can have something to do with the fact that I spend so much time using a computer. I don't even have time to read anything and it's infuriating, because I love reading, but when I finally end my daily computer session, it's already quite late end I just do my homework and go to sleep. I promised myself that I would end it earlier and use some of this time on reading, but we'll see if it's gonna work.

I hadn't mentioned it here, but my class was selected to do an artistic part of ceremony for The National Education Day. I and 3 other girls wrote a script (we used other school's old idea). It was an awards gala, or rather a parody of such - with a main motive being the one from The Bold and the Beautiful (Moda na Sukces, anyone?), e.g. Tatu's Nas nie dogoniat as a background music for a Punctual Teacher, or e.g. Edyta Dolniak and Kasia Głośniopek being stars that presented the teachers with awards. (And Ridge 'Ricz' Forester - played by our stupid conceited metro sexual classmate being the main star) It went pretty well and many teachers congratulated us and said that they really liked it. I hadn't been exactly delighted that we were the ones that had to do it (no one had been), so I'm happy that it turned out to be successful. Ah, what reminds me - the gala's name was 'Teacher for Success'. As kitschy as our beloved school with its conceited people and principal itself <3
And I got a 6 for writing it, which is good as well. ;)

I'm going to have my own doujinshi~ Girls from TZ are going to make a joined order in jpqueen and I was wondering for a long time whether to join them or not. Yesterday I finally found something that I would really like - and something that I would be actually ready to pay big money for. XD ($37, anyone? XD) It's a doujin by Satoumizu and I love her crack so an anthology of some of her works would be great. Will be if no one buys it before me. But I hope no one does. It's quite expensive, so it's very unlikely anyway, but still.
Anyway, it would be my first owned doujinshi 'My first doujinshi' like in Biedronka's lame advertisements. XD

Also, recently I realized that I'm a stalker. No, really. XDD For example, when I find a ficcer that I really like, I can spend hours reading her journal - not everything, of course, only stuff that I'm really interested in, but still it's a rather disconcerting discovery. XD

But, thanks to it, I read this rather enthusiastic review of 1st Rikkaimyu and now I'm determined to watch it. Even though there are no subs to it. XD But I want to see the switch <3 And Akaya's match with Echizen with commentary provided by Jackal and Marui. And everyonething <3

I watched DreamLive 4 and really liked it <3

And I'm seriously considering watching some j-dramas. Tsu, it's all your fault. XDD

Yesterday, I went with some of my friends to two second-hand shops in our town. Kasia mainly wanted to check if there are any interesting original books (and so did I), but she didn't find anything. But Kasia's friend says that there are some, but they're usually sold quickly and it's best to go there on a delivery day (but she added that it's like fighting for life sometimes XDD) I can't buy anything (clothes, shoes) by myself and I guess there could be something interesting, so I'm thinking about going with my mom someday.

Gundam 00 S2 is good and pretty <3 And in the next episode Alle's going to finally appear <33 That's enough to make me happy at the moment. XDD

What makes me unhappy is the fact that my dad - while installing XP and setting the printer so that it would work etc. somehow managed to screw up Windows Media Playes (and all other players). Now colours are so dark that I feel as if I am watching 20-years old anime of crappy quality and it kind of causes me to lose any will to watch anything. It's really irritating.

On October 28th I'm going to Warsaw on class trip. We're going to see Phantom of the Opera in Roma <333 And to visit some television studio (or something) and Seym and Senate (yay, really). And we're going to have some free time in Złote Tarasy. I'm going to buy the next part of A Song of Ice and Fire <3 - I swear it's slowly becoming some kind of rite of mine XD If any of you wanted (and could) meet with me, it'd be great <3
The only thing that annoys me about this trip is its cost. 90 PLN for one day to Warsaw, when other class went to Wilno for 3 (or 4) days and they paid only 230 PLN. I fail to see how it makes sense.

Also, I came to love Negahyst <333 If anyone has her arts, doujinshi or knows her site, please share *__*

I wonder... Why is it that nearly all fanfics - written mostly by girls - bash girls? I understand that they're usually written from teenage boys' POV, but it doesn't justify the fact that most girls in fanfics are stupid, vain sweet idiots or something like that. Why do we - being girls - treat girls as objects? I know that in slash ff the main point is to focus on male/male relationship and I'm a big fan of (good) fanfics, but do we really have to dismiss representatives of our own gender as brainless twerps? It's just bugging me.
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