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So, reposting this from twitlonger (longer indeed XD) and tumblr because here it should be the easiest to find it in the future. Should I want to remind myself what I've used to think in general and on that particular affair.

So, I was honestly expecting some different reactions. Maybe as a person that has known (as in been interested in) DBSK only for over a month I see it differently but... I don't believe in AKTF but I've never said that people/fans shouldn't either. But this? All this joy and almost crying that they said that DBSK is only when there are 5 of them? All that joy that they said is regretful?
I really hope they didn't really say this and that's the reason why original articles all got deleted. Of course, I understand that people would prefer to see all of them together in one group (I'd as well, who wouldn't?) but even supposing that they'll get together in the future it's not gonna happen now. It's not gonna happen in a year or two or even in five.

So what's the reason and what's the goal of that statement? What's the use of crying that 'ah, they want to be 5 again, too!'? I think supporting that statement is like supporting the view that Yunho and Changmin should just, idk, be occasional models and even more occasional actors and slowly fade away. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are pursuing their dreams and that's good - I regret that the 5 has parted ways, but I wish them all the best. So why Yunho and Changmin should be deprived from such a chance? And of course, they ARE going to use the name DBSK if they're staying in SMEnt. and they are.
Implying that they're somehow unworthy or undeserving of that name (and I can't help but see this statement as such an implication) is hurtful and unfair.

So, in my opinion, saying something like

"'Obviously we want them to be successful in their activities, but the name 'Dong Bang Shin Ki' only has meaning when all 5 of us are present. On those grounds, it is somewhat regretful. Our group is named 'JYJ' and we do not have a leader; we feel that our separation is merely the result of our current situation. One day, we will be together again.'"

is not playing nice. Homin have no choice when it comes to the name they're performing under. And if it happens that they actually still want to use "DBSK" (because they're fond of it, because they want to continue DBSK's history, because it brings them money - the reason isn't important as we'll never know the truth anyway), then it's all the better because it'd mean they're not only doing it because SMEnt. orders them to.

Not to mention, that all of this is dividing the fandom even more. There are bound to be people coming to hate (or coming to hate even more) the other side; Homin fans because of the reasons I mentioned and JYJ fans because Homin dares to use the saint name of DBSK and even their beloved idols said it's just not right.

So I really hope that JYJ didn't actually say that. And I just wish that more people would see it my way but it's probably not happening soon.

And here I've found more of those articles:

I've re-read it and I see I forgot about one thing while writing it.

In the whole paragraph with all that 'all that joy...' was supposed to be something like this: "And they (the fans) completely disregard or maybe truly don't notice the consequences and implications that this statement holds when it comes to Homin. Like the fact that JYJ said that they still believe in five of them being together in the future overshadows completely their previous words".
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