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I have a new layout~ Okay, not that new but I guess most of you haven't seen it yet cause last post was about DBSK and I know almost no one reads it XD

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This is once again a "I must write about that before it seems like it never happened" post. (And once again - it's already too late but let's try anyway~)

So, I spent a really awesome week in Szczecin with some of my favourite people - namely [ profile] tsunami_pl, [ profile] yurete and Agata (who needs to have some account somewhere and soon). Tsu went there a day earlier than me (thanks to Polish State Railways malfunctioning) so when they picked me up at the station, her and Yurete already were high and sprouting some lovely nonsense about B2ST as railway workers. (Don't ask me about the details because I don't know - but I demand one of you to write at least about it! XD) And "Lee Joon is lovely~~~~", indeed, lol.

Our week together was full of various k-pop MVs (and an episode of some show every now and then), stuffing our faces with sweets/junk food/Pepsi (Homin would be proud ;; lol), fandom discussions, non-fandom discussions, fangirling, producing unbelievable amounts of garbage, just enjoying each others' presence.
We celebrated both Gackt and Agata's (a day later) birthdays, too. <3 (Man, Gackt's such a hilarious person, can't believe that I'll see him in all his plastic glory in a month. And Agata gave us a fright ;p)

What sponsored our fangirling ways?
> ni naRU and kukuru aka Japanese version of B2ST's 'Bad Girl' MV. (And Doojoon's makeup-less scary eyes lol.)
> "put yo hands up and get yo drinks up" and "READY READY FOR THE TAKE OFF" (okay, that was mostly Agata and me XD)
> "- YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IS? *dum dum*
- &hearts Time, time, time to shine &hearts time, time YUNHO TIME!"

(Aka if you haven't seen it yet then redeem yourself and die from laughing :D)
And now it's a shared dream of ours for this video to be showed to Yunho and Changmin (while we'd be able to observe their reactions. CHANGMIN'S FACE.)

...I can't remember anything more, shame on me. (That's what you get when you try recall what happened such a long time ago ;)

There was also a spontaneous warming up session in the middle of night. (But again - only me and Agata participated, Tsu and hyung were too lazy ;) Yoga positions! XD

On the last day Agata also insisted on finally remembering all of Infinite boys (and being able to tell them apart in each their concept). This way, even though I'm not really interested in Infinite (though I do love their Before The Dawn), I tried my hand at this as well.
Unfortunately my plan on how to start mastering Infinite failed when - to my chagrin - it turned out that Hoya is not, in fact, always the ugliest one. ;; (Well, he or L. But someone once gave Hoya a run for his money - an impressive feat.)
Oh, and we also tried to teach hyung that Soshi girls are actually different but I don't think we succeeded. ;; XD

What else... Ah, on the very first day when we were just going to Agata's flat (where our little gathering took place) and Agata and Tsu stopped by a shop and me and Yurete waited for them outside, of course, some old drunk creeper just had to start making advances at us. UGH. And he even wanted to kiss out hands, ew.

Travelling to both destinations was fine, too. Even though I'm not a fan of spending over 8 hours in a train, at least I was able to take a seat and I had some books too (Mishima's "Confessions of a mask/Kamen no Kokuhaku" and Souseki's "Kokoro"). I also borrowed two magazines from a co-passenger and chatted with others, too. And both my trains were actually more or less on time, so that was pleasant, too.

And I returned home liking B2ST more~

That's all I guess~ (I can't remember much more.)

I made my mom watch some B2ST with me and she seems to think Hyunseung's the ugliest person in k-pop, or something, lol.

We also watched DBSK's "Five in The Black" concert together and it was lovely. Ah, Proud. ;; My boys still younger and more or less carefree. ;;
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