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Exams, exams and more exams aside. O. M. G.

So, yesterday Lee Seung Gi came to Poland to see one of the Euro 2012 games? On a detour on his way to London where he's apparently going to participate in the torch relay during Olympics. And me and a friend (and two of her friends) decided to go to greet/see him at the airport. (Even though his flight was supposed to reach at 10:40PM and I had an exam today. And a day before yesterday. And a day before that as well. Ahaha. Um.)

Anyway, turns out one of the fancams Polish fans took got posted on a Korean fansite/message board?! A fancam in which it just so happens that you can also see yours truly. And apparently the comments from Korean fans are all positive and warm? :D (According to a friend who knows some Korean~) “Foreign unnies”, “beautiful fans”, “really happy that they greeted him despite the late hour”. Satisfying Korean fans with anything? What a feat!
(My own fancam:
I have another one but it’s sucky.)

But to begin with where things should start. This Tuesday friends started getting excited at Twitter that Lee Seung Gi is coming to Warsaw. After some pondering whether I really can take a break like this from studying, I decided to go with Tokki who was planning on seeing him.

We reached the airport around 10PM and were quite surprised that there were more than several people waiting. Not many, ofc, 10-15 at most (but at least 10 more joined a bit later).

Seung Gi had us wait? I swear, it felt as if he and his companions (and apparently he came with some Korean Olympic sportsmen? that no one knew, omg) appeared really late - I think most of his co-passengers came out earlier, lol.
While we were waiting for his (slightly delayed) flight to land/him to appear, random people gaped at the gathered fans and asked some why's. XD One couple even started googling him (after getting his name spelled out XD), lol. And ofc people from various flights got all wide-eyed and a bit bewildered when they came out to a group of girls standing all posed and ready in front of the entrance to the hall/terminal. XD

Finally Koreans started coming out and Lee Seung Gi himself appeared as well. I have to say he's really good-looking live? We were kind of expecting him to look, um, well, not very appealing after the long flight, with jetlag and no make-up. But I was pleasantly disappointed since he was anything but. And he seemed actually quite tall? Around my height which means that even if his official profile lies, it's not a big distortion of truth.
Also, he was totally adorable and his smile was really pretty and cute and he seemed rather surprised that there were people waiting for him. Probably didn't suppose someone from this "Poland" country thingie may have possibly heard of him. ...Like most probably he himself wasn't aware of such a country's existence until recently, lol. He looked happy to have people greeting him. And for some reason he was very shy/embarrassed about the sudden attention! One'd think he should be used to it at any time now?

Several girls prepared some (more or less) Poland-themed gifts for him, too. (One of his staffs seemed very happy about the included alcohol, lol.) Two girls that stood besides us had a transparent asking for a high-five and Seung Gi actually fulfilled the request? Two of the Tokki’s friends got lucky as well and I would too if I didn’t have both hands taken. Such a fail, lol. XDD He shook some hands, too.
He also gave several signs but his manager quickly put an end to this. A pity because, again, I almost got one but I didn’t have my pen 100% ready and he was actually in the midst of taking my notebook before the intervention. I faaaaaaaaailllllllllll hardcore 8D And I called him oppa then. D: D: D: WHY. I feel meh about myself ;; I didn't even call Yunho that :|||| I don't like this word :| Anyway, he looked like he didn’t mind doing this? But I guess it was late and all and they had a schedule to follow. Still ;;
Later on we were already leaving but we noticed that other girls gathered outside so we decided it’d be no harm to stay just a bit longer. Seung Gi was already in the bus when we came but many girls kept waving to him, doing heart signs with their hands (we did too 8D), chanting stuff and he was rather obviously flustered by it (but in a smiley, positive way?). When the bus was leaving he waved to us with a really pretty smile~
…And ofc all the other Korean people from the bus were filming the whole thing with their phones, lol. XDD

Let me also say that all the fans behaved really well? There was no mad screaming, no one grabbed at him or anything. An international success, I say. I’m really glad about the fans’ behaviour <3 No one managed to give us a bad name this time, lol.

As a whole – no regrets about going. I’m not really a fan of Lee Seung Gi, I’ve merely seen him in some shows but after seeing him live, I must say I’m not surprised about his mad popularity in South Korea? I mean, he was pretty but he’s certainly not the prettiest nor the most handsome one, not the best actor nor singer but he has this specific charm and appeal that makes you like him instantly. I mentioned yesterday’s event at my FB, using words like “winsome” and “pleasant” (which my friends got all "whut-did-you-read-Shakespeare-recently?" about) and it was partly in a joking manner but, he is. Very polite, amiable and charming and has a truly great smile.
And now I do feel like checking out some drama of his or maybe some songs (even though I have this impression he sings mostly typical Korean ballads)?

So yup. Still excited about yesterday XD And we’re going with some friends to see him tomorrow again when he’s leaving for London. Can’t wait <3

Date: 2012-06-22 07:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, troche płakuniam że jednak nie poszłam xD

Date: 2012-06-22 02:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No szkoda, że Cię nie było. A dzisiaj było jeszcze lepiej :


Date: 2012-06-23 11:24 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You need to check out his recent drama: The King 2 Hearts. He's da bomb diggity in that one. Prior to watching TK2H I thought of him as a serviceable actor but he killed it in this one. His popularity is also due to his successful variety career.

As you noted he really is a down to earth and polite fella. Hence, his popularity primarily stems from him being an awesome guy.


Date: 2012-06-23 11:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, I've heard about this drama and actually had it on mind as a potential title to try out now that I have interest in Seung Gi, lol!
Would you recommend anything other of his? :)

And he really is! I was plesantly surprised.

Thanks for the links but I wouldn't want to spoil myself so you'll have to forgive me for not watching them~

(Out of curiosity - how did you find this fanaccount? :)


Date: 2012-07-09 01:58 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Nice article, wish 2 have experience like u had. I start 2 like LSG bcoz 1N2D but as an actor i like him coz TK2H...his acting in mgig n bl were good but not as daebak as in TK2H, at 1st i watched d drama bcoz my love 4 ha ji won, u should watch her dramas coz they all EXCELLENT, try 2 watch them: damo, what happened in bali, hwang jin yi, secret garden, tk2h, etc...u'll fall in love 2 her


Date: 2012-07-09 02:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, it was quite an experience. I had fun :>

Thank you a lot for the recs! (Though I'm not actually into kdramas lol~)


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