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Exams, exams and more exams aside. O. M. G.

So, yesterday Lee Seung Gi came to Poland to see one of the Euro 2012 games? On a detour on his way to London where he's apparently going to participate in the torch relay during Olympics. And me and a friend (and two of her friends) decided to go to greet/see him at the airport. (Even though his flight was supposed to reach at 10:40PM and I had an exam today. And a day before yesterday. And a day before that as well. Ahaha. Um.)

Anyway, turns out one of the fancams Polish fans took got posted on a Korean fansite/message board?! A fancam in which it just so happens that you can also see yours truly. And apparently the comments from Korean fans are all positive and warm? :D (According to a friend who knows some Korean~) “Foreign unnies”, “beautiful fans”, “really happy that they greeted him despite the late hour”. Satisfying Korean fans with anything? What a feat!
(My own fancam:
I have another one but it’s sucky.)

Fanreport~ )
Let me also say that all the fans behaved really well? There was no mad screaming, no one grabbed at him or anything. An international success, I say. I’m really glad about the fans’ behaviour <3 No one managed to give us a bad name this time, lol.

As a whole – no regrets about going. I’m not really a fan of Lee Seung Gi, I’ve merely seen him in some shows but after seeing him live, I must say I’m not surprised about his mad popularity in South Korea? I mean, he was pretty but he’s certainly not the prettiest nor the most handsome one, not the best actor nor singer but he has this specific charm and appeal that makes you like him instantly. I mentioned yesterday’s event at my FB, using words like “winsome” and “pleasant” (which my friends got all "whut-did-you-read-Shakespeare-recently?" about) and it was partly in a joking manner but, he is. Very polite, amiable and charming and has a truly great smile.
And now I do feel like checking out some drama of his or maybe some songs (even though I have this impression he sings mostly typical Korean ballads)?

So yup. Still excited about yesterday XD And we’re going with some friends to see him tomorrow again when he’s leaving for London. Can’t wait <3


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