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Today was quite pleasant but let's start from the basics~

Pi-sensei has a conference tomorrow which means the test from kanji is pushed to the 23th~ That's a hell of good news! I thought I'd have to bide goodbye to my lucky streak but thankfully maybe not. Though I won't be able to take a break from studying because the weekend's off limits. ('Cause Tsu's coming <3)

Another good thing is the fact that I successfully and with no problems managed to change PE groups. Advanced volleyball - welcome~ Only not so advanced if I were to judge by today's class. XD But well, you can't have everything~ Besides, I myself didn't do that well either. (A break and a cold :<) But I did one pretty block~ :D
Either way, even though the level doesn't seem as high as I'd like it to be, I hope that I'll get to learn something, improve and get in better shape. Because let's face it - I'm not that good at volley, either. XD

An anecdote - today's lecture from Japanese Literature was as boring as it tends to be, so I was taking some notes and writing kanjis on the sheet's margin. I wrote also "Yunho" in katakana and suddenly [ profile] lawliet69 asked if if there isn't some Yunho among my Koreans. I thought that maybe she noticed and asked something like:"Yes, he's from DBSK, why?" It turned out that there was a writing in pencil on the well. And it said, and I quote
ユンホさんは世界で一番男~! <3 (Yunho-san wa sekai de ichiban otoko) Aka "Yunho's the best man in the world". XDDD

Then I wrote DBSK's Japanese name (東方神起) on my sheet and A. who sat by my left ended up having heard about them. (She had stayed in Japan for some time before.) It seems her friend was a big fan (as in 'every available surface in her whole room in the dormitory was covered in them' big). And she's heard about Soshi from her male friend who's studying Korean, too.~ A pity that she's not a fan of either group but at least she knows about them. XD (And J's flatmate is supposedly a big fan of Jaejoong XDD)

Those were nice things that happened~ Less nice was my yesterday's discovery that I don't have my phone after I returned from the university. The undeground was quite crowded on the ride home so having checked everywhere, I started suspecting that maybe the mobile got stolen. But then when I tried to think were I possibly could have put it, I recalled that I probably left it on one of those shelf under the desk in the auditory. Well, I had luck bacause when I came back for it, it was still there. (And Law laughed when she learnt that I just marched into the room, took my phone and promptly left while a pilosophy lecture was being run in there. XD)
But Yesung, sweetie, as much as I love you - keep the influence of your Star of Fail for yourself. With love, me. &hearts

And that's all, I guess~ I should try and get some studying done tonight. Would be nice. (Yeah.)

Shisus, DBSK's Stand UP!'s lyrics are so utterly stupid that I can't use them as a title. XD There's not a single useful line in here. XD Okay, found something that will do. XD
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