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First of all, I always kind of thought that I don't have people randomly friending me here on LJ. Now that I think about it there were several cases of that, but I always added them back and hust asked them on their LJs why they did it. I don't really feel like doing it anymore, so have a few words on it. I honestly don't mind people adding me - I like making new friends - but I'd like to know why you they do that - do I know them from somewhere? If so, then from where? Or maybe they just stumbled upon some of my entry/fic and found it interesting? Or because we have a lot in common?
If it's any of the latter options (or something entirely else) and it's not likely for me to recognize your nickname, comment on some of my entries, say 'hi' or something like that.

That said, let me brag a little share my happiness with you. XD Yesterday my dad finally bought a printer. It's Canon. Unfortunately it's not even remotely pink and it doesn't claim to have some obscure relationship with its master, meaning our computer - which also got 'upgraded'. By 'upgraded' I mean that we finally have XP and not 98 SE.~

Also, I didn't mention it before - only in comments and honestly who reads other comments? (except me, that is XD) - but my mom became an Oriflame consultant and she treats it pretty seriously. What does it basically mean? That nearly all many thins at our home has a little 'Oriflame' sign on it. That I'm a consultant too. (Mostly on paper though - I only take a catologue to school) And that my nails now stink because mom decided that our nails have to get stronger and she painted mine as well. XD If only things would work that way.

I watched Absolute King Rikkai ft. Rokkaku Second Service and I love Rikkai's actors <33 Except Yukimura's, because he resembles Michael Jackson too much. But Baba~, Masa~, Genki~, Ono~ <33 And I think I may be doing real life shipping. Oh no. XD
And Bane and Kentarou <3
I'm not too fond of the 3rd generation Seigaku, but they're not bad. And this Echizen can actually sing. XD (But I want my Shirota and his pig ;_; XD and Suzuki) Also, isit just my impression or has Eiji really no luck with actors playing him? I've seen only two, but they were both rather ugly. XD
And before King I saw Dream Live 3 - oh, so much love. Street clothes Hyoutei. Kazuki in leather pants Koori no EMPEROR. Shirota in his fabulous-completely-un-Tezuka-like outfit. "You can actually smile" "Of course, I can". Non-tennis competition <3 Actors flirting with the audience and with each other. And many, many more.
Now I'm watching 2nd Service backstage.

And I still love D1 and Rikkai <3

Also, today Gundam 00 2 is starting <33 Finally. I can't wait to see it. <3

Oh, and recently I'm watching Ouran with my brother~ I almost forgot just why and how much I loved this series. <3 And Kyouya. And all amazing others.

Less pleasant stuff - tomorrow I'm having a test from physics and day after tomorrow 2-hour long composition from the Enlightenment from Polish. And on Wednesday 2-hour long compostion from English. Why do we always have to have tests on week's first days? As if it wasn't enough that on both Tuesday and Wednesday we have 8 classes. Urgh.


I completely forgot to brag about one more thing. ;) XD Yesterday, I finally did some cleaning. Sort of. I'm that kind of person that can't get herself to throw anything away and that always says that "I'll need it" or "It can still be useful" - even if I know that I won't and it can't. XD So yesterday I spent some time on organising papers. Lots of them. Old tests, some prints to school - that I can actually use, some other shit that I just don't want to let go of etc. Now I still have too any needless stuff, but at least neatly and logically orginased, so that I know what I actually have and where I can find it. XD
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