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So it seems it's my mom's way of coping. But she still insists that she's going to call Homin 'zdradzieckie pachołki SM' because omg, that's so funny. (And I think she does hold it against me that I like Homin more but well, it's not something I can control.)

Anyway, I remembered what I've wanted to write about!

Kanjani8. What a surprise, isn't it? ;)

Last weekend I watched 8Uppers DVD with mom. The concert itself was awesome though I must admit that I wasn't too fond of the songs from the last album. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I haven't really listened to it even once. But it was wonderful anyway. <3 I loved especially Ukiyo Odoribito, Jackhammer and Life - me no mae no mukou e. The band session was glorious as always and I adored that Techno Pop Medley. And the oufits. ;; Normally I detest sequins but I'd love to have one of those rainbow jackets. ;; Yasu's or Ryo's or Baru's or Yoko's. ;; They were the best. ;; Christmasy Eito killed me too. XD Ohkura riding on Ryo! XD

This DVD reminded me also why I love Kanjani8 so much. I know that I've been neglecting them and am no currently fangirling over them but really - my currently liked/loved groups may change but they're always near the top. I guess I could say that they're always sharing number one with someone.

Anyway, the Wink Killer proved once again what enormous dorks they are and the letters... I've read them before thanks to Enshinge's translation but watching them and re-reading what they meant (I understood some parts really well but the others - not so much) made me really realise anew what a wonderful group Kanjani8 is. Mom even commented during someone's letter (Ryo's, I think?) that he's so in love with the person he read it to. That they're all so in love with each other. I agree. Seeing how much they treasure each other was truly moving. Their love makes me love them.
Kanjani8 - I love you.

Also, an anecdote - two weeks ago or something during boring as always classes from philosophy, I noticed some band on the screen of some girl's notebook (we're usually sitting at the back). Judging by the distance between the performers and the audience, I figured it must've been some Korean boysband. My suspicions turned out to be true when the girl started typing in huge hangul. XDD Being not-really-that-shy person that I am after the classes finally ended, I ran up to her and her friend and asked what was that group. And yes, that was DBSK. XD They're stalking me!

That's all, I guess. I mean I could write more and were going to at first but this stuff is not really worth it. XD (I slept too little and my eyes hurt today.)

Oh, I started reading Hikaru no Go once again. I love this manga <3 I don't even remember how many times I read it before. <3
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