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First things first aka what I forgot about in yesterday's entry. What do Dongwoon and Doojon do? Like, seriously. I admit I haven't really watched Beast performances but even then I know that Yoseob's main vocal, that Hyunseung and Kikwang supposedly are good at singing too (Hyunseung does also dancing?), that Junhyung's a rapper (and that I probably enjoy his rap very very much if it's him rapping near the beginning of Shock (can't breath, life freeze etc.). I watched that something from Japan (Unlimited Edition or w/e?) today and Dongwoon sang something too but. What do him and Doojoon do? Are they vocals? Visuals? It's bugging me.

And now for the main point of this post.

Yunho and Heechul. What do they have in common besides the rather known fact that they're friends? That's not the point but I was wondering about something and would like to try and give my musings some actual shape.

Yunho's a friendly person. People in showbiz say so, fans say so, most of people seem to agree on that. Heechul... not so much. He's openly more selective, I'd say.

Ah, it's so hard to put it into words. Anyway. Yunho has a lot of friends but somehow it seems that they're almost all people that he's known since before his debut. He may be unbelivably nice and people may gush how cool and what not he is but with all his overall friendliness he doesn't seem to make friends easily. Let's look at Jaejoong - wherever he goes, he makes friends left and right. Who's the person with the most connections among Japanese celebs? I don't know how deep those relationships are (how could I?) but they exist. (And then we get fandoms clashing and Jaejoong with Yamapi, with Koike Teppei, with Jin, from all of people.)
Or Changmin - he's much more of a recluse but at least he's close with Minho. Looking at them together and listening to what Minho keeps talking about Changmin - almost too close XD.
When I watched some shows during DBSK's comeback (well, here talking mainly about Happy Together) I noticed how Yunho doesn't seem to keep in contact with younger folks from his agency. Even Changmin's better than him at that. I'm creating such a positive image of Changmin, lol It's kind of like he feels a bit regretful about that but not regretful enough to try and change it. He has his dear, tried, trusted friends and he seems fine with that.

Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like, what it's like to be his girlfriend/partner. From what he himself says, it seems like he'd be a very caring (maybe even overly so) boyfriend but on the other hand it's like his friends (his old friends) would be eventually more important. How his job and his duties would be more important. Is it a good thing, bad thing? Am I right or wrong? I don't know but the fact is that this man treasures friendship very much. All his (famous) friends speak only in superlatives about him. Even DBSK members complained before that when they got some break, Yunho'd immediately meet with his friends, sometimes even going as far as almost ignoring them. (On purpose or not - who knows, certainly not me.)

Heechul's similar but despite his less friendly exterior in my eyes he seems more capable of making new friendships. Sure, it seems that sometimes you have to stand on your eyelashes to gain his trust but, at least, it seems that it's possible. And how Siwon's said at least once - once you gain his friendship, you're basically set for life.
With Yunho... It's like he has his defences really high. Sure, he's incredibly nice and friendly and encouraging and he may or not may be one of the most adorable men that I've seen and all that and I'm sure it's all true and that he means all of that. (Because he's just that great of a man.) But attempt to get more than that and you'll crash into a wall.

Am I reading too much into that? Who knows, maybe. Not like it's ever stopped me before. And, like always, it looked much better in my head.

Have an awesome Yunjae fanvid.

That's all, I guess. Going to post it on tumblr, as well.

And in a moment - camwhoring post of sorts. Await it? Lol.
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